Cloud? Big Data? Oh my! Gotta Integrate Them All with One System – an Integration Hub

Integrate Them All with One System – an Integration Hub

As enterprises modernize to take advantage of the cloud and big data, they want to have the same, fresh curated data available everywhere.  Hybrid is the new normal as SaaS has become mainstream. Data lakes are going from the sandbox into production. The challenge is how tie all of these new applications and data stores into existing systems in a way that makes great data available to everyone.

Organizations want to modernize and simplify their data integration infrastructure to ensure that all analytics systems and applications get the best, fresh data exactly when they need it. They want to empower distributed teams to access and publish data themselves without requiring IT developers to do everything.

Informatica’s Integration Hub meets these needs with the recently added ability to seamlessly use Informatica Cloud and Big Data Management with existing enterprise systems through a common publish/subscribe hub for data.  The hub centrally manages integration of curated data consistently across all analytics systems, applications and data stores with more efficient approach than the traditional crisscrossing point-to-point data integrations.

Wizards and an easy to use web interface enable more of the team to contribute to data integration for greater productivity and speed. Data Integration Hub’s visibility across data flows provides lineage to enable better data governance and compliance with government regulations.

To learn more about Data Integration Hub 10.1’s new cloud and big data capabilities and see a demo, take a look at the replay of the recent webinar we did with the Informatica Expert team:

To hear about Rabobank’s experience using Data Integration Hub to better organize the bank’s data integration and TDWI Research Director Philip Russom’s perspective on the benefits of data hubs, check out the webinar we did with them:

For more information about Data Integration Hub, you can also visit the product page here.