Build Next Generation Data Warehouse in the Cloud

Cloud computing is not a futuristic trend any more, it is the reality of present day. Significant enterprise data is already in the cloud and it is only natural to compute on them in the cloud. Typically, the data is in disparate cloud sources, so integrating them in the cloud and building a cloud based data warehouse is a natural next step.

Here are some benefits that our customers have told us, as well as, what we have observed from building data warehouses in the cloud or migrating data warehouses from ground to the cloud.

  • Flexible and dynamic infrastructure – with wide variety of infrastructure available at your fingertips, you can experiment with many and conclude on an optimal infrastructure for your business at the beginning of the project or expand dynamically as and when the need arises
  • Fail early and recover faster – you might fail with the choice of infrastructure or software or the configuration but you can fail early and take corrective action to recover faster
  • Enterprise *abilities* – think of typical enterprise capabilities like, scalability, availability, disaster recoverability, extensibility, accessibility, flexibility, performability, securability, etc. for fraction of a cost from the cloud infrastructure
  • Reuse existing talent pool – continue to use your existing Informatica talent pool (in house or partners/system integrators) and with the same toolsets
  • Lower TCO – with very low capital expenditure, flexibility and infrastructure capabilities, the risks of running a data warehouse project are reduced and chances of success are increased, all with a reduction in total cost of ownership

Informatica on Azure

Informatica helps you perform data integration to build your data warehouse in the cloud with couple of deployment options. Our data integration software can be deployed, on the ground in your premises OR in the public cloud, Microsoft Azure.

  • You can deploy Informatica on the ground and load the data to Azure SQL Data Warehouse which is very similar to what you would do for building data warehouse on your premises today, just that the data warehouse is in the cloud
  • You can deploy Informatica on the cloud and load data to Azure SQL Data Warehouse by
    • Manually installing it on Azure VM instances or
    • Auto-provision from Informatica offers on the Azure marketplace.

Informatica on Azure Marketplace

On-premises data warehouse deployment could take anywhere from 3-6 months, before it is ready for developers to consume. Informatica can help you get started within an hour on Azure cloud and your developers can start building the data flows immediately.

Informatica has the following products available as Azure marketplace offers:

  1. PowerCenter
  2. Big Data Management
  3. Data Quality
  4. Informatica Cloud Agent

Wide variety of customization options

You can specify the following parameters as per your requirements while provisioning Informatica offers from the Azure marketplace:

  1. Virtual machine configuration
  2. Number of nodes in the domain
  3. Operating system type
  4. Database machine configuration
  5. Storage and replication options
  6. Security for all resources

The domain with all nodes and the repository database gets provisioned in about an hour. The domain and the virtual machines are configured to be accessible over the internet, of course protected with the security credentials you provided. You can download and install development tools on your laptop or in another VM instance in the cloud and start developing your data flows.




Thus, with a few mouse clicks and couple of hours you are all set to build a cloud data warehouse on the Azure ecosystem. With VPC connectivity to Azure, you can even build a hybrid data warehouse by loading multiple data sources from cloud and/or on premises.

More details on our marketplace offers can be found here.

More Information – Watch the Webinar 

Would you like to learn more? Would you like to hear from one of our customers who went through similar journey building their data warehouse on Azure SQL Data Warehouse?

Watch the webinar delivered by Brian Fisher, Life Time Fitness, James Rowland-Jones, Microsoft and Keshav Ramarao, Informatica on ‘Next Generation Cloud Data Warehousing with Informatica and Microsoft Azure’. In this webinar, Brian shares his experience building data warehouse on the Azure cloud, James presents the new Cortana Intelligence from Microsoft Azure and Keshav shares the new and exciting Informatica offerings to quickly build your data warehouse on the Azure cloud.


Share your comments and questions, we look forward to helping you build your data warehouse on Azure cloud!