B2B or B2B in the Cloud – It’s Now Your Choice

B2B or B2B in the Cloud – It’s Now Your Choice

For companies relying on EDI and Enterprise B2B gateway software, does it seem that it takes longer to bring business partners into the fold? One survey found The average time to on-board B2B partners is estimated to be 52 days.

In these times of shorter product cycles, more fickle consumers and more diverse partners, it’s just not good enough to take that long to get a B2B system up and running.

The thing is that your competitors probably have the same challenges you have, same legacy systems, same types of customers. Your organization made the EDI translation vendor decision many years ago and up to the last few years, it’s worked fine.  So why does it seem that it’s harder than ever to meet customer expectations and / or grow your business?

Times and technologies change and your EDI translation software needs to evolve with the times. Many B2B solutions need to orchestrate inventory with a more internationally diverse range of suppliers using multiple standards. If your vendor has not had any new releases in the last few years, and exclusively does EDI, you may want to take a closer look at that vendor, because formats have changed, partners have evolved, and the introduction of mobile and cloud technologies have, ahem, clouded the picture.

What if your EDI translator/Data Exchange solution could read data from ANY format (Excel, PDF, proprietary text files etc.), then run Data Quality rules in the Cloud?

Informatica B2B EDI Data Gateway is the world’s first modern Cloud B2B Gateway that automates secure data exchange across partner networks.

Informatica B2B Data Gateway handles EDI (and most of the data exchange Standards) with ease, ensuring transactions are verified and acknowledged. With Informatica B2B Data Gateway, your partner data is at your fingertips, formatted with the latest EDI data.

Instead of a black box approach, Informatica B2B Data Gateway gives you full visibility and an easy-to-use drag and drop mapper to create your workflow. Once your maps are in place, let Informatica do the rest. The software will keep up to date with changes on either side of the inbound and outbound B2B transactions and messages.

Partner On-boarding

For on-prem B2B, Informatica Data Exchange comes with a trading partner import utility along with Pre-built EDI libraries and a powerful library customization tool. They are also provided with customizable checklists for on-boarding partners. These tools help improve staff productivity and create faster partner on-boarding times.

If you are a smaller business or have smaller trading partners, note that Informatica Data Exchange comes with a Partner Self-Service Portal that can help you get up and running quickly, including establishing communications protocols, after which as an EDI partner, they can visualize their partner traffic.

If you’re struggling with any of these issues, come check out a free webinar we are having where you can meet the experts behind this new technology.



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