Modern Hybrid Data Integration with PowerCenter on AWS

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Modern Hybrid Data Integration with PowerCenter on AWS

Do you want to be agile, innovative and deliver business value quickly? Whether you are planning to modernize your data architecture or offload/extend your on-premises applications or data warehouse to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Informatica PowerCenter can help you address it.

Informatica PowerCenter is the de-facto Data Integration tool in many organizations. PowerCenter is certified to run in AWS public cloud(BYOL- Bring Your Own License). That means you get the same reliable, high-performance, trusted on-premise product on AWS with the simplicity of deployment, manageability and connectivity needed for the AWS eco-system. And you have the exact same experience you are familiar with on-prem, in the cloud.  You can leverage your people, skills, and code without any changes across on-prem and AWS.  You get the best of both worlds and unlock the value of data quickly – with the #1 Data Integration tool and the #1 public cloud computing provider.

Customers of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Informatica can deploy PowerCenter in the AWS public cloud(BYOL) and leverage the data integration power of PowerCenter and flexibility of the AWS cloud. Customers interested in a fully managed, multi-tenant iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) option, can also explore Informatica Cloud as an alternative.

Here are some of the key benefits –

Deliver business value quickly. You can rapidly jumpstart your PowerCenter environment on AWS without any configuration or installation and deliver business value quickly.

Greater productivity and flexibility with zero IT disruption. PowerCenter gives you the ability to deploy and run the exact same data integration environment in the cloud and/or on-premise as per your needs. You can reuse all your existing investments such as mappings, workflows, metadata across on-premise and/or the cloud.

Market proven data integration. Informatica PowerCenter is proven hybrid data integration software that transforms fragmented, raw data from any source, at any latency into complete, actionable information. It can process billions of records in the AWS cloud.

Elastic infrastructure. You can quickly spin up and down AWS infrastructure resources without having to restart PowerCenter services.

Connect to on-premises and cloud data sources.  PowerCenter offers a vast array of connectors. Whether you want to connect to on- prem data sources, cloud data sources or AWS services such as Amazon Redshift, Amazon RDS, or Amazon S3 or combination of on-premise and cloud, PowerCenter is your best choice.

End-to-end data lineage.  You can get comprehensive graphical metadata management capabilities such as intuitive data lineage, impact analysis and collaborative business glossary, whether your data sources are on-prem or in cloud.

Deliver clean, complete, high-quality data. Whether you are offloading or extending on-premises applications or data warehouse to the cloud or fully embracing the cloud, delivering great data is critical. PowerCenter has a long history of helping organizations empower their users with complete, high-quality, actionable data.

Hassle-free migration and future-proofing of investments. Seamlessly reuse skills and investments across projects and get the same level of confidence, performance and support as on-prem environment.

Lower cost. Eliminate upfront cost on infrastructure and scale up or down as needed.

Get the best out of data integration and cloud. Amazon has over 15 years of experience delivering large-scale, global cloud infrastructure  and Informatica is the world’s  No. 1 provider of data management solutions, in the cloud, on-premise or in a hybrid environment.

How to deploy Informatica PowerCenter on AWS Reference Architecture document is available under Informatica Network.