Jumpstart Your Redshift Project Today: Informatica Cloud Hourly Pricing on AWS Marketplace

awsAre you kickstarting an Amazon Redshift Analytics project?  Have we got great news for you!  We are so pleased to announce that now you can get started in minutes, loading meaningful cloud and on-premise data for Amazon Redshift with Informatica Cloud!

That’s right, via the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace you now pay just for what you need with no upfront commitment.  You can consume Informatica Cloud for Amazon Redshift by the hour and pay as you go.  And the news gets even better! Your new Analytics initiative may well utilize additional AWS services such as Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB or Amazon Aurora.  We’ve got you covered.  The same hourly consumption model for Informatica Cloud, is available in AWS Marketplace, for quickly and easily loading, migrating or synchronizing data from cloud or on premise sources to all these Amazon data services.  All of our offerings on the AWS Marketplace also include a 15 day free trial to further smooth your on-ramp into your new project.

Time to insights is critical for business agility that is based in data-driven decision making.  Informatica’s new offerings are designed to help organizations rapidly innovate with new analytics initiatives in the cloud, whether you are integrating into Amazon Redshift data from other cloud sources, such as Salesforce.com and social or from on-premise relational databases.  You can now benefit from the industry’s #1 cloud data integration solution and native, high performance connectivity to Amazon Redshift and other AWS data services, using the same flexible and cost-effective model you’ve come to expect within the AWS ecosystem. No more worries about internal approvals and purchase orders.  No more setting up and administering expensive hardware and software and fretting over capacity planning.

With Informatica Cloud on AWS Marketplace, you can now rapidly and economically jump-start your Amazon Redshift prototype or initial project and be up and running, loading meaningful data into a new cloud data warehouse instance within hours!  Then easily scale with Informatica Cloud to load high data volumes from any cloud or on-premise source into a Redshift cluster.  In fact, our affordable pricing and high-performance solution will allow you to process over 10M records on Amazon Redshift for just $1, based on our performance benchmarks.  The beauty of the Informatica Cloud offerings on AWS Marketplace is that they allow customers driven by agility, to pay as they go, then grow, and be set up for future success via rapid ongoing innovation and the benefits of cloud analytics solutions.

Amazon Redshift, provides a petabyte-scale cloud data warehousing service that’s fully managed, fast, and cost-effective – and that serves as a powerful launch pad for analytics applications such as Birst, Microstrategy, and Tableau. It changes the dynamics of data warehousing by making it easy to provision nodes, scale on demand, and query datasets securely. Clusters can be resized dynamically without downtime, and distributing workloads across compute nodes can optimize I/O time. Amazon Redshift’s architecture leverages massive parallel processing (MPP) capabilities with columnar storage and data compression to enable timely execution of even the most complex queries and the resulting business insights.

However, a data warehouse is only as good as the data held within it. In order to fully realize the benefits of Amazon Redshift, you must rapidly load it with trustworthy, connected, meaningful and timely data. Informatica Cloud is a multi-tenant fully-managed integration platform as a service (iPaaS), which can now be rapidly and cost-effectively consumed. It enables you to access, aggregate, synthesize and load data into Amazon Redshift from numerous systems, including cloud sources such as SaaS, social and IoT, as well as on-premise systems, such as SAP and relational databases. It gives you the agility to rapidly kickoff a small cloud analytics Redshift project and seamlessly scale it up or down as data volume and needs vary.  Combining Informatica Cloud Integration with Amazon Redshift enhances and expedites your cloud analytics initiative and unlocks the power of Amazon Redshift.

Our new offerings in the AWS Marketplace, can enable a variety of targeted use cases, where agility is of essence.  For example Informatica Cloud can be used to load IoT or social data to Amazon S3 for staging or storage, migrate or synchronize data between relational on-premise databases and Amazon RDS or Amazon Aurora or load unstructured data such as log files into Amazon DynamoDB.

Deploying analytics workload on AWS is a strategic initiative for our customers, whether they are experimenting with innovative ways to quickly analyze new types of data or migrating an enterprise data warehouse from on premise to AWS in order to reduce their on-premise datacenter footprint. We’ve previously expressed that  Informatica is going “All-In” with AWS.  As such, we view our partnership with AWS as critical to delivering value to our customers and we are pleased to enable organization to quickly and cost effectively consume our products on the AWS Marketplace, helping drive innovation and agility for our customers.

Get started today with your new Amazon Redshift project!  Join the new era of cloud analytics, quickly, easily and cost-effectively, with Informatica Cloud for Redshift on the AWS Marketplace.  Start your free trial now! (Link to marketplace Redshift listing)

You can also start in AWS Marketplace your new project with Informatica Cloud for Amazon RDS, Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Aurora.aws1

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