Getting the Best Out of Cloud and Master Data Management

Master Data Management
Getting the Best Out of Cloud and Master Data Management

We recently surveyed IT organizations asking about technologies that will impact their organization’s data ecosystem over the next 12 months. (Get the full report today.) Cloud Application (SaaS) ranked high with 52 percent of the responses.

My colleague Myles Suer recently ran a #CIOChat on Twitter where he asked many CIOs, and enterprise architects about the role architecture play in the cloud era. Everyone agreed that enterprise architecture needs to focus on the technologies best suited to drive organizational goals.

Over the past few years, the cloud has clearly shown an enormous impact on business growth, efficiency, agility, and cost. This has enabled many CIOs to consider cloud an important aspect of their IT strategy. As a result, enterprise architects and data management leaders increasingly ask about the impact of cloud on their current and planned master data management (MDM) investments.

During the last six months, I had many opportunities to speak with business and IT leaders as I attended prominent industry events, and our own Informatica World 2016, where more than 3,000 business and IT leaders gathered to learn about innovations in data management. These discussions revealed that today’s organizations face numerous challenges. They must:

  • Ensure they do not compromise on critical business requirements and keep the aim focused on delivering trusted master data to their business stakeholders
  • Manage complex integration scenarios that do not negate the benefits achieved by hosting MDM on the cloud
  • Acquire the right technical skills
  • Procure infrastructure required for an MDM implementation
  • Secure their organization’s and customer’s sensitive data
  • Address concerns about storing business-critical customer, product, supplier, and other master data outside their firewalls
  • Have an appropriately governed set of data services that can fuel accurate and consistent data to all the business processes

To address these challenges, Informatica launched Informatica MDM Cloud Edition. This edition helps organizations drive quick return on investment with industry-leading MDM as a hosted subscription service.

Informatica MDM Cloud Edition is designed to help companies get reliable data about their customers, products, suppliers, locations, and more, as well as a 360-degree view of their relationships. It offers all the market-leading capabilities that are currently available in the Informatica MDM platform including master-data fueled applications including Supplier 360 and Product 360.

Hosting MDM instead of implementing on-premises helps to automate the provisioning of the infrastructure based on the needs of the project. It helps in cost-effectively managing and maintaining the MDM environment, effectively freeing up IT to focus on driving business value.

With Informatica MDM Cloud Edition, the widely recognized capabilities of Informatica’s platform approach are coupled with the elasticity and cost-saving benefits from world-class cloud hosting services that can address organizations’ unique MDM challenges. It is designed to help companies

  • Focus on business value and core competencies, leaving IT management to experts
  • Reduce risks and simplify managing MDM installations for a low monthly fee
  • Leverage latest features from the best-in-class MDM solution with automatic upgrades
  • Gain better insights from a trusted cloud environment without the risk of technical failures
  • Get best-in-class service from the top-rated company in customer loyalty

For all the details, grab a copy of the Informatica MDM Cloud Edition executive brief. Connect with me on Twitter at @MDMGeek and share your comments. I’d love to hear from you!