Informatica ranked as the MDM Leader – Three Times in a Row

We did it again, and again, and again. The Information Difference is an independent research firm that specializes in the MDM industry and each year surveys, analyzes and ranks MDM and PIM providers and customers around the world. This year, like 2014 and 2015, The Information Difference named Informatica tops in the space.

The Information Difference, led by CEO Andy Hayler was the first analyst who combined the MDM and PIM offerings in the MDM Market Landscape, already in 2014, where Informatica was positioning as the leader because of the ability to solve complex multidomain use cases and complementing this with an application for collaboration of business users for faster new product introduction.

I am really proud that our team is continuing this success story and leading the 2016 report with the highst score both in “Technology” and “Market Strength”.


MDM landscape 2016_Blog_Informatica


In the era of data disruption companies continue to struggle answering “basic questions such as …

  • who is my most profitable customer?
  • what is my most profitable product?
  • how many employees do we have?”

… says Andy Hayler on his latest MDM Landscape 2016.

Examples of Informatica customer who used data to power there business can be found on this blog. I recommend reading it if you want to achieve similar business outcomes with MDM.

Informatica is the only end-to-end MDM solution in the market with a unified offering of multidomain MDM, master data fueled business apps such as Product 360 and Supplier 360, Big Data Relationship Management, Data as a Service, Data Quality and Business Process Management at its heart. This breadth of our offering, combined with the focus on customer success are the reasons for Informatica’s continuing leadership.

InformationDifference MDM Landscape 2016 graphic

You can download a copy of the report here.