Informatica for Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse

As data gravity shifts to the cloud, more and more businesses are able to reduce their on-premise software footprint by redirecting workloads to public clouds such as Microsoft Azure. The benefits of doing this are numerous: the ability to capitalize on new business opportunities, reduce costs and improving agility using self-service, instantly scalable provisioning.

Microsoft recently announced the general availability of Azure SQL Data Warehouse, an elastic, parallel, columnar data warehouse as a service, and Informatica is enthusiastic about this announcement. We have been working closely with Microsoft to ensure that we mutually provide our customers with a world-class solution to deliver intelligent and actionable insights for their business. At the same time, we are pleased to announce the GA of our enterprise class connector for Azure SQL Data Warehouse.  This state-of-the-art connectivity is optimized for high throughput of data and includes:

  • Bulk write and read capability
  • Multi-threaded upload to Azure Blob leverages Microsoft’s PolyBase technology to seamlessly copy data from Blob to data warehouse at high throughput
  • Supports all data-types currently supported by data warehouses
  • Rich meta-data fetch capabilities
  • Best in class security

Our seamless integration with on-premise databases, applications and data warehouses combined with broad connectivity to SaaS and Cloud data sources, allows customers the quickest on-ramp to the Azure SQL Data Warehouse.  Whether you are lifting and shifting your entire data center to Azure or complementing your existing on-premise workloads with cloud solutions, Informatica is ready to support your initiatives.

Thousands of customers are already reaping the benefit of our pre-built hybrid cloud data integration and management capabilities.  Consider Life Time Fitness as an example. Life Time needed to make data stored in multiple warehouses accessible to business units during peak traffic periods in monthly work cycles, but didn’t need the excess computing power the rest of the time. Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse offered a centralized, cloud-based data warehouse with real-time simultaneous access for stakeholders.  Informatica allowed Life Time to pull data from multiple sources to a single place allowing them to both save money and improve operational efficiency.

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Informatica offers industry leading products for hybrid cloud data management initiatives optimized for analytics and other data intensive initiatives.  The Informatica for Microsoft Azure solutions include support for:

  • Data Warehousing with Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  • Data Lake and Storage with Microsoft Azure Blob and Azure Data Lake Storage
  • Data Governance including Data Quality and Metadata management
  • Big Data Management supporting Microsoft Azure HDInsight and Azure ML
  • Database migrations and new data stores support with Azure DB and DocumentDB
  • Analytics with Power BI and Cortana Analytics

Whatever your need, our platform is designed for elasticity and scalabilty and can support your growth in public cloud from early proof of concept to petabyte-scale production systems. Learn more on Informatica offerings here or on the Azure Marketplace. You can try Informatica Cloud for Azure that includes support for Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Power BI, Azure SQL, Azure Blob, DocumentDB and more. Check it out!