Gartner Data Archiving MQ: Less is More!

Data ArchivingGartner released their Data Archiving MQ on June 13, 2016. Gartner has positioned Informatica as a Leader in its 2016 Magic Quadrant for Structured Data Archiving and Application Retirement report. In the 2016 Magic Quadrant, Informatica is positioned at the highest point, as well as furthest to the right, showing both an ability to execute and a completeness of vision.

Gartner reports that structured data archiving and application retirement “…help IT leaders retire legacy applications, reduce capital and operating expenses, and meet governance and compliance requirements.” With data growth driven by analytics, mobile and cloud, the need to manage application and data growth for compliance, cost containment and security continues as a top concern for business and information professionals.

So how is less more? Let’s look at these use cases. First, compliance; it is important for organizations to have the tools in place to properly retire legacy applications and archive unused data. While the benefits of reducing support costs, eliminating old and inefficient storage, and freeing IT staff for other projects provide immediate benefits, organization must proceed with caution. Depending on the relevant industry and national regulations, organizations may need to provide native access to information for several years or be subject to fines or other remedies.

Secondly, IT organization struggle to fund new LoB and technical initiatives. By carefully examining application and data maturity and utilization, targets for retirement and archive can realize huge savings. These saving can provide the funds for IT organization to remain responsive and agile to dynamic business requirements; more importantly, doing so in a structured manner that greatly reduces the risk of business disruption. By leveraging a fully integrated application retirement and data archiving solution, cost reduction programs for application retirement and data archiving can achieve expected and reliable results.

Finally, data security; organizations can reduce data breach risk by understanding and managing the attack surface. By controlling and managing data and application growth, the attack surface does not grow in unknown and unprotected ways. By continually managing the archiving of sensitive data, organization can focus security resources, policies and controls on sensitive data that has the most value to the organization. With ongoing application retirement, the number of access points is controlled; managing/reducing the attack vectors available to malicious outsiders or insiders.

Application Retirement and Data Archiving are resurfacing as critical components for data management. The control of data growth and proliferation, and application sprawl will challenge organization without structured processes and the appropriate tools. Less is more; controlling and managing application and data growth will lead to better compliance, cost management and data security and privacy. Informatica provides the proven, marketing leading solution, with rich capabilities and the broad application and data store support needed for today’s diverse IT infrastructures.

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Reference: Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Structured Data Archiving and Application Retirement, Garth Landers, Alan Dayley, JP Corriveau, 13 June 2016