The Insurance Industry’s Massive Data Challenge: Two Case Studies from Brazil’s SulAmerica and France’s MACIF Group

The Insurance Industry’s Massive Data Challenge: Two Case Studies from Brazil’s SulAmerica and France’s MACIF Group

With seven million customers, SulAmerica Seguros is the largest independent insurance company in Brazil, offering a suite of financial offerings ranging from health, dental and life insurance to products for retirement and asset management. But as José Guilherme, SulAmerica’s Business Intelligence Manager explained at Informatica World 2016 in San Francisco, without a customer-centric view of their data, SulAmerica were unable to take full advantage of their customer relationships. Sul America strives to provide world class customer service. And in the age of demanding customers need, they knew it was time to invest in a solution that would allow them to strategically mange customer data in a Master Data Management (MDM) system.

The customer-centric view they wanted meant bringing together data from several different siloed systems. Not only was the data fragmented, but the quality of the data was also poor. Sul America decoupled the customer information from operational systems, applied some of the mastering capabilities such as matching and data quality, where it could be cleaned and deduplicated, using Informatica Data Quality, before returning it to the MDM Hub. This allowed them to distinguish social security numbers from corporate EIN numbers, both nine digits long. They are now able to represent everyone’s social security number consistently. In a similar process, they have now standardized addresses, postal codes, customer names and other key attributes.

Armed with verified raw data, the team was able to build a single profile for each customer within MDM that reflected customers’ name, aliases, mailing and physical address, phone numbers, emails and preferences. The result: a clearer view of customers and more effective marketing and service delivery.

The second half of the session focused on the MDM efforts of MACIF Group, a French insurer of similar complexity that needed to transform the way it handled data to improve the customer experience. Cyrille Salmon, the Chief Enterprise Architect for MACIF, wanted to create an integrated customer view across their three main business activities: insurance, banking, and health. They wanted to improve the effectiveness of marketing and deliver great customer experiences despite a rapidly changing regulatory environment. It all added up to a mission-critical need for smart and reliable master data management.

Salmon referred to it as an “Iceberg project”—one with few visible things above the surface, but extremely vast beneath, and critical to the MACIF business ecosystem. With Informatica’s Master Data Management and Data Quality products at the core, they are now in production.

MACIF generously dove into specifics of the repository management and strategic and operational data governance parts of their solution. As a result of their MDM implementation, MACIF now has:
• 10 million customers mastered in MDM
• 26% corrected profiles, leading to 2.7 million updated records
• 60,000 rejected records due to missing data
• 58,000 records deduplicated.

MACIF has also experienced a 30% improvement in the data quality Client Repository (MACIF’s internal system), improving the rate of efficiency of marketing campaigns and improving the customer experience.

MACIF attributes success to several key points. Their advice to success-minded data architects:
• Secure strong sponsorship from the executive committee
• Evaluate data quality before beginning the project
• Maintain collaboration between different entities and lines of business
• Establish an invested and motivated data governance team.
• Most of all,“Think big and start small.”

Words to live by.