Life Time Fitness at Informatica World 2016

How Informatica and Microsoft Support Life Time’s “Cloud First” Strategy

Life Time Fitness at Informatica World 2016

Life Time Fitness, a Minneapolis-based company that runs more than a hundred fitness centers in the U.S. and Canada, has the objective of establishing a more intimate relationship and data plays a big role in achieving this. Life Time architected a data management solution powered jointly by Informatica and Microsoft Azure. Last week, during Informatica World 2016, Life Time Fitness’ Director of Business Intelligence Brian Fisher joined James Rowland Jones, Principal Program Manager for Microsoft, and Keshav Ramarao, Principal Product Manager of Informatica, to deliver their success story.

The first part of the discussion set the context with a conversation about cloud trends: specifically how Infrastructure-as-a-service is becoming widely adopted (joining Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)), particularly in small and mid-market companies but increasingly among larger companies as well. A discussion of Microsoft Azure followed, presenting the modern digital framework (with data-driven business, elastic, infinite cloud storage, machine intelligence and advanced analytics) as nothing less than the fourth industrial revolution after steam engines, electricity, and computers themselves.

Then they dove into the Life Time Fitness use case. “The programs that we offer are very diverse,” said Brian Fisher, director BI Lifetime Fitness. “For instance, what works for the husband may not work for the wife or the kids.” They needed to partner the right customers with the right programs, with detailed customer data from every touchpoint available to employees everywhere. They chose Azure as a solution partner (together with Informatica) in part because of similarities in structure to their existing data warehouse, and in part because of lower total cost of ownership. “Microsoft Azure offered us the ability to leverage the assets of our operations, and Informatica allowed us to pull data from anywhere to a single place,” Fisher explained.

Following the Life Time Fitness example, the talk turned to the Informatica/Azure integration generally, with detail on how to run Informatica on Azure (and supported products and connectors), and even a demo called Informatica on Azure Marketplace and Salesforce to Azure SQL Data Warehouse. It all added up to a busy morning that armed the appreciative audience with a thorough and well-rounded understanding of cloud data warehousing.

Hear more from Brian and the Life Time Fitness team in this short video case study.