Data 3.0 is Driving New Business Models

Data has changed everything around us. It is the strategic disruptor that is transforming businesses, governments and every one of us across the globe. We have moved from a world where it was an outcome of automating transactions, to a second wave where databases, apps and analytics helped deliver competitive advantage. However, in the third wave, the modern era of Data 3.0, data is fundamentally driving new business models. Today companies that use data to deliver exceptional customer experiences, build great products and drive operational efficiency are the winners in this new digital economy.

But to be a winner in this new economy, you must first be able to take control of and truly understand your data. It’s no secret that enterprises are faced with an onslaught of data, and as the proliferation of data continues to grow, companies are still grappling with how to most effectively use data to maximize business value.

Recently at Informatica World, we shared our bold, expansive and innovation driven vision to solve this ever-prevalent issue, which includes enabling customers to leverage data and create value by providing organizations an intelligent way to turn data into trusted business value. Our strategy, which brings together IT and lines of business with best-of-breed products, will provide customers with solutions that deliver value, anchored by three tenants:

1. Visibility and control around data is an imperative

While the availability of data is growing, the ability to see, access and manage that data is what makes it so powerful. Informatica is committed to delivering innovative, best-in-class products across all its core components to empower enterprise employees at every level with fast, easy access to clean, trusted, connected and secure data whether its on-premise or in the cloud.

2. The democratization of data is here

IT is no longer the gatekeeper of data. We have entered a new era of data analysis where the entire business intelligence (BI) market is being disrupted as organizations are putting data in the hands of all employees and accelerating adoption – from sales and service to the C-suite – through self-service data visualization and business discovery solutions that power a new era of intelligent dashboards usable by any employee. However, IT still needs the assurance that the data is secure at the source. Governance and compliance are crucial.

3. Multiple tools are no longer effective or sufficient

With the democratization of data and the fact that data is being used throughout companies to make business decisions, customers are asking for solutions that are easy to implement while also ensuring that security, governance and compliance are built-in. Informatica is developing and launching solutions to address this need. The first of these is the Marketing Data Lake. This solution is designed to power agile, data-driven marketing operations that respond quickly to the needs of the business.

At the core of Informatica’s strategy is the Intelligent Data Platform, which reflects all three of the above tenants, and is the only integrated platform that is meta-data driven and includes machine learning capabilities, connectivity and operational management. In addition, the Intelligent Data Platform accommodates changing technologies without recoding, and scales from single user to departments to enterprises. The Platform, which can be deployed on premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid environment, enables intelligent self-service for business users. Further, customers are enabled to create data-integration mappings that can be reused across multiple platforms.

The Informatica Intelligent Data Platform also opens up a new world of solutions built on top of the platform, including Secure@Source, Intelligent Data Lake, and Product 360 which I had the pleasure of demoing this week at our annual event.

As the world’s leading provider of data management solutions, we believe that organizations that monetize their most powerful asset – data – will be those that have the most profound impact on their business and their ultimate success. In other words, ‘Data Powers Business’ because it creates true business value.

You can watch my Informatica World keynote here were I talk further about the role of data in today’s enterprises. You can also read the press release about how Informatica is delivering business value for customers with data.

Data 3.0