Nightly Wrap-Up from Strata + Hadoop World 1st June 2016
Strata + Hadoop World 2016

Cheerio from London!  This is Murthy Mathiprakasam, Director of Product Marketing for Big Data at Informatica, reporting from London where we are once again sponsoring another great Strata + Hadoop World conference!  It has been a busy day of customer meetings, customer sessions, and meeting customers at the booth.  But this trip to London has really given me a sense for the great awakening that is happening around big data and big data management in Europe.

Not surprisingly, I’ve run into many UK based organizations here, but interest in Informatica has come from clients all the way from France to Poland as well.  We have had a number of private briefings with key customers onsite and those meetings have been remarkably productive.  We also had our champion from one of the largest leading European investment banks present on his organizations vision for a Logical Data Hub that blends Hadoop and their existing data warehousing systems for an optimized approach for delivering data not only for lab use by data scientists but for certified use by classical BI teams.  Informatica’s comprehensive big data management capabilities combined with our industry leading data management capabilities for data warehousing enable organizations to process data quickly without specialized development resources while meeting regulatory requirements as well.

Our own Franz Aman, Senior Vice President of Marketing Strategy, also presented on Informatica’s own use of our big data management technologies.  The work his team has done in using big data management for delivering excellent customer experiences is now codified in a book titled, The Marketing Data Lake, which is available for download now.

It is also quite clear that data science is heating up in Europe and we have met a number of data scientists at Strata who have shown interest in the Informatica’s Intelligent Data Lake offering, announcing earlier this year.  Now with Intelligent Data Lake, Informatica has solutions that can be consumed by both the data scientist community as well as the classical IT data management audiences.

Stay tuned for another wrap-up report after the final day of Strata + Hadoop World.  For more information on the latest from Informatica, check out