The BICS Team Demonstrates Empowering “Customer-Centricity” with Hadoop and Informatica


Headquartered in Brussels, Belgacom International Carrier Services, or BICS, delivers best-in-class wholesale telecommunications solutions around the world. Danielle Kana, Data Integration Architect at BICS, and John Haddad, Sr. Director Product and Technical Marketing at Informatica, joined us at Informatica World 16 to share the story of how they built their Subscriber Monitoring and Advanced Reporting Tool, or “SMARTVision” program, for BICS.

Haddad took the stage first, and walked us through the strategy and infrastructure: how using a Hadoop-based data lake complements a data warehouse and allows BICS to store and process data at scale, and how Big Data Analytics and Big Data Management layers strategically overlay this. He offered specific insights on data integration, data governance, and data security.

After this overview, Haddad introduced BICS’ Data Integration Architect Danielle Kana, who showed how BICS was able to use the SMARTVision Program to, in her words, “transform Big Data into customer value.” Monitoring network performance helped gurantee service levels, and monitoring network volume helped support expansion plans.

“Today,” said Kana, “we are able to provide a 360° view on roaming activity, by a continuous transformation and loading of the network data via Informatica.” BICS can also now identify consumer preferences, for targeted marketing campaigns, and track subscribers for realtime problem troubleshooting. But they’re not resting on their laurels: Kana reports they’ve laid the path for implementing new analytics in the cluster later in 2016, and predictive analytics in 2017.