The Power of Data to Transform Businesses is Here with Data 3.0

Data 3.0As we saw last week at Informatica World 2016, it has never been clearer: data is changing the way business is done. Every industry, from banking to healthcare to consumer goods, is being transformed with data as a fundamental change agent. This generational shift, which we call Data 3.0, is benefiting customers who are experiencing better service and new innovative products, as well as business executives and employees in organizations large and small as they use data to their strategic advantage to transform business models.

To provide an example of Data 3.0 in action, let’s look at the television industry. Traditionally, studio executives have relied on their instincts to identify shows that they think will perform well. Sometimes they are a hit, sometimes a miss. Netflix, a newcomer to this industry, transformed the business through a very different, data-driven approach. They saw an opportunity to apply data to their show selection, and began by identifying the audience segment they wanted to target. Once this group was identified, the Netflix team looked at audience data to determine the group’s viewing preferences, e.g., actors they liked, length of show, and more, and applied this data to produce their shows. Using this approach, Netflix delivered House of Cards, a huge, runaway hit that came to life because of their innovative approach to using data to create new business opportunities.

Informatica is very well positioned to help businesses succeed in Data 3.0. Over the last 20+ years, Informatica has a consistent track record of delivering cutting-edge data management solutions with a cumulative investment of over $2 billion. In Data 1.0, we defined the ETL and data integration categories, while in Data 2.0, we broadened our focus to add data quality, master data management, data masking, data archiving, and cloud integration.

But Data 3.0, which is happening here and now, is the most exciting period yet for Informatica. In this stage, data will become the new control point, and will shape how applications are developed and deployed. Because of this, there is a strong need for an independent data management player that can help you get control of your data, and that player is Informatica. Our goal is to be number one in data management in Data 3.0, and deliver data products and solutions that power your business.

Data 3.0

How will we achieve this vision? Informatica’s guiding principles – customer first, innovation, laser focus on data management and ‘Switzerland of Data’ – have helped us become a trusted advisor to business and IT executives, and informed our strategic approach, which includes four pillars:

Number One Player in Six Categories

Informatica delivers best-of-breed products in cloud data management, data integration, big data management, MDM, data quality, and data security.

Deliver an Integrated Data Platform

We believe that we are in the best position to help customers in Data 3.0 through the Intelligent Data Platform (IDP), which supports multiple business initiatives with an integrated platform.

Data Solutions

We are working closely with our partners, including cloud, technology, channel and systems integrators to provide solutions that are custom fit to our customers’ needs.

Enterprise Data Competency Model

We will continue to work with customer and partners to create centers of excellence around data management, so companies and individual users can be empowered by self-service analytics to use data to its fullest potential.

We have a clear ambition – to be the leading data management company in Data 3.0. To do that, we can’t rest on our laurels – we must be faster than ever, more innovative than ever, and invest in the future of data through research and development. With our combination of scale and innovation, our unique position as the largest independent player, and a team of motivated employees and leaders, we are incredibly well equipped to enable our more than 7,000 customers to experience the power of Data 3.0.