Introducing Informatica Cloud Summer 2016: The Most Complete Cloud Integration Solution for the Hybrid Era

Introducing Informatica Cloud Summer 2016: The Most Complete Cloud Integration Solution for the Hybrid Era

I can’t believe that we’ve reached the half way point of 2016 already, the time has gone by quickly for our Cloud business. We have already had some notable achievements to-date, such as Gartner’s recent report announcing Informatica Cloud as the #1 global Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solution provider based on 2015 market share revenue and our Leader showing in the latest Gartner MQ.  Now, we are excited to announce the Summer 2016 release of Informatica Cloud, our biggest release in years.

The Summer 2016 release of Informatica Cloud is focused on delivering end-to-end cloud data integration and data management to help businesses harness the exploding volumes of data in their cloud apps and unifying data across traditional and hybrid data sources. You can learn more next week by joining us at the Informatica Cloud Summit that kicks off Informatica World in San Francisco.

With Informatica Cloud Summer 2016, businesses can now achieve their goal of a data-driven organization with a much wider reach of data including SaaS apps like Workday, Netsuite and Salesforce, cloud platforms (aka PaaS) such as AWS and Azure, mobile apps, emerging IoT data and traditional on-premise systems like SAP, Oracle, to name a few.

Informatica Cloud is the most complete cloud integration solution for hybrid, enabling any use case, for any user, involving any data – all delivered on a  trusted Platform. Here are the details:

Any Integration Use Case. New innovations launching with the Summer 2016 release of Informatica Cloud include:

  1. Cloud Integration Hub: Accelerate your data integration needs with a modern and agile approach to integrate SaaS data with enterprise data, combining self-service wizards for the business and centralization for IT using publish/subscribe model ensuring consistency across all the data. Cloud Integration Hub saves time and cost of complex integration use cases by one-time configurations for unlimited data synchronizations across all end-points.
  2. Cloud B2B Gateway: Simplify and speed your partner network management, rapidly automating partner on-boarding and data exchange with business network with out-of-the-box, easy-to-use EDI mappings
  3. Intelligent Structure Discovery: Connect your business data with easily parsed IoT data using visual modeling to rapidly detect and transforms common JSON structures and integrates the data seamlessly with business data like ERP CRM etc.

Additional enhancements in this release include:

  • Cloud Data and Application Integration: Enterprises with multiple regions can accelerate distributed data warehousing across geographies using for example, Amazon Redshift or Microsoft Azure DQL Data Warehouse, speed up data loads with support for incremental load, broader connectivity for application integration and popular much-demanded data transformations like unions and sequencing. Cloud Application Integration (Real-Time) now offers built-in services like email, alerts, enhanced attachment support and broader connectivity across third-party apps including Amazon Web Services (S3, SNS, SQS), SAP BAPI and more.

I am excited about the inclusion of the Union transformation in the Summer 2016 release.  It’s a powerful transformation that we loved in PowerCenter and have been waiting for in Informatica Cloud.” – Cathleen Davidson, Senior Integration Developer, Prologis | Local partner to global tradeTM.

Cathleen is speaking at a Informatica World session showcasing Workday connectivity and Informatica Cloud Application Integration.

  • Data as a Service(DaaS): Salesforce users can analyze and track data quality jobs via self-service dashboards to track validity of Salesforce data like address, email, phone numbers etc. With the new “easy access and fix” capability Salesforce users can now improve the quality and trustworthiness of data throughout the system.
  • Cloud Customer 360: for Salesforce: Integrated natively with the Lighting UI, you can now get a holistic, single view of your customer data in using a simplified, responsive user experience on any device.
  • Cloud Test Data Management: Save costs, development and testing time by using partial updates for sandboxes; Advanced dynamic data masking and out-of-the-box standardized masking rules for data governed by stringent privacy regulations in many industries (e.g. PCI, PHI).

 Any User. Informatica Cloud is for all types of users. Starting from IT, to Line-of-business and citizen integrators – every type of user can avail Informatica Cloud’s self-service solutions, eliminating the need for specialized data integration experts to create integrations and analyze data. Bringing clean, connected data into self-service dashboards like Tableau, Salesforce Wave Analytics and Microsoft PowerBI.

  • Cloud Data Wizard: Now Salesforce users can import data from any Oracle databases into any Salesforce objects with intuitive guided step-by-step wizards and pre-built templates.
  • Informatica Cloud Data Preparation (REV): Empower business users with simple data preparation tools to quickly integrate and map data for faster analytics in tools like Tableau, Salesforce Wave Analytics and Microsoft PowerBI.

 Any Data. With new Informatica Cloud connectivity capabilities being released practically every month, our ecosystem continues to expand with new and enhanced connectors, enabling you to take advantage of the data that resides across your enterprise and external sources such as mission critical SaaS apps or data in cloud databases or for cloud data warehouses on AWS and Azure. One of the key new connectors for this release is Workday which helps streamline connectivity between Workday and other data sources by parsing complex hierarchical structures into simplified relational outputs. The other new connectors are SAP Concur, SAP BW and SuccessFactors, Oracle 12c, Amazon Aurora and ElastiCache, Sales Management based solution template for Microsoft PowerBI, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics AX, Azure Table and DocumentDB, Salesforce Financial Cloud. Explore all our connectors here.

Last year we announced the Informatica Ready Partner Program, that offers ISVs a cost-effective way to connect their application to the broader ecosystem using Informatica solutions. With the summer release Informatica Cloud launched enhanced Connector SDK that makes it easier than ever to build connectors for Informatica platform and offerings.

Several new innovative ISVs have joined the Informatica Ready Partner Program like Anaplan- SaaS solution for Enterprise Resource Planning; a cutting edge scripting engine for the IoT along with Unico Solutions and Host Analytics.

The ability to collect and utilize IoT data from existing and new IoT platforms is imperative across the Enterprise. Companies that want to be competitive need to get IoT data into enterprise apps. We found Informatica Cloud to be an excellent partner and ready to take IoT data we’ve collected and easily provide the connectivity into Enterprise applications.”  – Tom Gilley, Chief Strategy Officer,

To learn more about how you can take advantage of our free developer resources go to:

Platform. Informatica Cloud Platform, a trusted name in the market now pushes the bar higher with improving product security and experience with compliance to industry standards and regulations like HIPAA and SOC2 not just for the company and infrastructure, but also includes Informatica Cloud platform and products. With these compliances, our customers gain added security, confidence and reliab on Informatica Cloud Platform and products.

Agent as a Platform: An brand new and innovative platform capability, based on micro-services technology to improve resource utilization and optimized upgrades and maintenance. With this new architecture the platform now enables our customers to decentralize services running on the Informatica Platform providing high availability and zero down time.

So now that I have have a 2-page long blog, it only shows how big this Summer 2016 Release is for Informatica Cloud. With the increased breadth and depth of cloud data and application integrations Informatica Cloud is helping our customers focus on the more important data analysis and decision making and leave the integration complexities to the complete end-to-end stack. To try it out yourself please join our FREE TRIAL here.