Harness Your Big Data Inner-Ninja to Tame an Elephant


Companies who have embraced the big data journey by incorporating Hadoop to their data infrastructure platform have realized the value of turning data into profit. Success big data projects require a foundation to tame the elephant by implementing a Big Data Management solution. As the need for fast and accurate analytics increases, so does the need for skilled big data practitioners.

At Informatica World 2016, we unveil the “Big Data Black Belt Program” an initiative that allows you to unleash your inner-Ninja to become a proficient Big Data Management practitioner. We’re launching this initiative to educate, enable and recognize Informatica partners’ and customers’ technical excellence using Informatica Big Data Management solutions. The “Big Data Black Belt” program offers virtual hands-on developer training to help participants become proficient Big Data engineers. After successfully completing the Big Data Black Belt developer training and hands-on labs, participants are recognized as “Big Data Ninjas”, tech savvy practitioners of Informatica Big Data Management and rewards participants with a “Black Belt”.

I encourage you to sign up for this Informatica World  two-hour session on Tuesday May 24 at 2:15 PM in Moscone West 2004 (Session ID is DI&BD150), where you will learn how to become a “Big Data Ninja”. I will provide you a sneak peek into the hands on training by walking you thru the new features of Informatica Big Data Management all running on Hadoop such as dynamic mappings, agile data integration with mapping templates, parameters and rules, and the Smart Executor that selects the execution engine (e.g. Blaze vis YARN, Spark, etc.), with live demos. Finally, we will look at the new products Enterprise Data Catalog & Intelligent Data Lake.  Click here to register for Informatica World 2016 in San Francisco May 23-26.

After this session, head over to the deep dive hands on lab where you can experience the full potential of Informatica Big Data Management.

DI&BD405 Taming the Elephant with Big Data Management

DI&BD407 Secure Testing in Big Data

DI&BD410 Proactive Data Governance with Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC)

By attending these sessions, you will be on your on your way to becoming a Big Data Ninja.

I look forward to seeing you at Informatica World!