It’s Hybrid Cloud, Baby! At Informatica World 2016

In yesteryears’ Informatica World conferences, you might have heard our product managers share our vision of a hybrid solution.  This year, it’s really real!  Hybrid Cloud is main-stream!  Companies, large and small, will be standing on stage with us, discussing their journey to cloud and how they manage their data in hybrid cloud architecture, using Informatica Cloud, PowerCenter, Big Data Management and more.  You are not going to want to miss this!

We are super excited to host Informatica customers who will share details and learnings from their hybrid cloud data management architecture.  Be sure to join us at the Cloud Innovation Summit  and Cloud Track at Informatica World 2016 in San Francisco next week to hear them all!


SendGrid’s reliable email platform delivers over 20 Billion transactional and marketing emails each month!  SendGrid’s cloud-based platform  powers emails from many of your favorite brands, including Uber, Airbnb, Spotify, Foursquare, and NextDoor.   SendGrid was looking to evolve its data warehouse architecture to measure performance, and analyze business outcomes in order to improve decision making and optimize customer experience.  Their earlier data warehouse solution was not meeting their analytical needs and was not going to support the anticipated growth on the horizon.  They were looking for a scalable and reliable data warehousing architecture that would allow them to move nimbly, efficiently and cost-effectively while supporting the needs of both business and technical users at SendGrid.  SendGrid will discuss how their new architecture, based on Amazon Redshift, Informatica Cloud and Informatica PowerCenter helps them quickly and reliability integrate data from multiple sources in cloud and on-prem, including, Zendesk, Jira, Marketo, Hadoop cluster and relational databases., supports reporting and dashboards, self-service analytics, data mining and benchmark data as well as a ‘test and learn’ environment for the SendGrid marketing department.


McKesson, a Fortune 500 company, is in business for better health. As a company working with stakeholders across healthcare, McKesson is charting a course toward a stronger, more sustainable healthcare system that delivers better care to patients in every setting.  A division at McKesson has been facing business challenges related to high maintenance costs and slow time to market, managing multiple CRM solutions and many disparate legacy systems with overlapping functionality.  At the same time they had to respond to high volume of new business requests.  Their architecture was not set up to successfully address these business challenges. They started charting their journey to a cloud-based solution. Their goal was to consolidate several legacy CRM systems, such as Siebel, to a single platform, running on Salesforce Service Cloud, while minimizing business disruption, Improving system availability and scalability.  They were looking to decrease time to market, increase profitability and improve patient service quality.  McKesson will discuss their new architecture and data model that will enable reusable shared business and IT services, a 360 degree view of stakeholders (patient, physician, pharmacies) across programs and leverage SaaS based solutions like Salesforce Service Cloud and Informatica Cloud to seamlessly bridge on premise with cloud applications and data.


Asurion partners with the world’s leading mobile carriers, retailers, cable satellite and cable providers, helping 290M customers globally stay connected while driving loyalty to their partners’ brands, providing premier support and protection applications.  Asurion business environment required them to deliver a single and unified view of authorized, cleansed and standardized business data, available anytime, anywhere and in any format, requiring them to modernize their data architecture to support their business environment.  They will discuss their movement to a hybrid cloud architecture, delivering portability, reusability and security, supporting non-intrusive real time processing and doing all this cost-effectively.   Asurion will discuss their next gen Analytics architecture, designed to rapidly process hundreds of terabytes of structured and unsturcted data from complex cloud, Hadoop and on-premise sources, based on Amazon Redshift, EMR, S3, DynamoDB and more, Informatica Cloud, Informatica Big Data Edition and Informatica PowerCenter.

Stella & Dot

Stella and Dot, an Inc. 500 Fastest-Growing Company, is a San Francisco based social selling company that creates flexible entrepreneurial opportunities for women. Their boutique-style jewelry and other product line are sold through in-home Sales Events and online. The company was expanding to new brands in addition to Stella & Dot and wanted to use this opportunity to review  and revisit their technology landscape in all areas of the company.  Their old processes and tools didn’t scale well for business needs. Reporting and analytics were slow and insufficient to address business needs and provided poor data quality. Stella & Dot will discuss their modernized analytics solution based on Amazon Redshfit and Informatica Cloud, processing daily data volume in excess of 1 Million rows per day and easily integrating multiple data sources using connector libraries.  They will discuss their end-to-end data integration which is now running under 2 hours vs. over 10 hours previously.  They will discuss developing and deploying most business requests in 1 week instead of 1 month, while increasing confidence in numbers and quickly scaling the solution using cluster of Secure Agents.  Stella & Dot will also discuss ease of use, productivity on day 1 and remote monitoring of processes using mobile devices.

Education Elements

Education Elements is in the business of improving your child’s education through technology. They deliver a personalized learning experience for one hundred school districts, 300 award winning schools, supporting 5,000 teachers and 300,000 students.  They needed to integrate more than 30 Student Information Systems, Learning Management Systems and Digital Content Providers as well as accelerate student access to their learning and onboarding of new school districts and digital content partners. Education Elements needed to reduce technical complexity in their system so that teachers and could focus on providing better education.  Previously they were dealing with painful, time-consuming manual integration , limited code reuse and manual, error prone customer on-boarding. Education Elements will discuss their new environment, completely hosted on AWS and including Informatica Cloud, Informatica Cloud, Amazon S3, EMR and quickly and easily integrating content of any type or source into their personalized learning platform.  They will discuss reducing integration time of new digital content by 60%-70% and usage of Informatica Cloud Salesforce connector to reduce integration time with systems of record, in batch and real-time, by more than 50%.  Teachers can understand individual student performance and assign personalized digital education for optimized learning experience.

Harvard Business Publications

Harvard Business Publishing (HBP) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Harvard University, reporting into Harvard Business School with a mission to improve the practice of management in a changing world. HBP has been executing on an enterprise goal to migrate its entire application portfolio to the cloud, in order to eliminate capital expenditures, scale their environments and keep pace with business requirements.  Informatica plays a critical role in HBP migration to AWS, in order to integrate core enterprise applications and key operational processes.  As core enterprise applications migrate to AWS, the related Informatica processes migrate along to the cloud.  Informatica workflow performance is critical acceptance criteria for many migrations. HBP uses Informatica to support a set of large enterprise data warehouse batch workflows.   Even more importantly, Informatica is supporting operational processes that are critical in the daily business operations, such as financial Systems integration with third systems, content systems integration for distribution of content to websites, partners and fulfillment, and  CRM and Marketing application integration including SalesForce instances with financial applications. HBP has to integrate data from enterprise applications in support of enterprise reporting.  HBP will discuss their journey to cloud with Informatica and AWS, and how they are leveraging existing investments in Informatica to support this move.

Life Time Fitness

Life Time fitness is dedicated to helping you achieve your total health objectives, athletic aspirations and fitness goals. Life Time operates over 118 fitness centers around the United States and Canada, most of which operate 24 hours a day. They offer gyms, health clubs, family recreation centers, sports clubs and spa destinations as well as innovative programs, world-class training, nutrition and holistic approach to wellness.  As a long-time PowerCenter customer, Life Time Fitness will discuss how they are leveraging their pre-existing investment by running PowerCenter on Microsoft Azure public cloud platform. By deploying PowerCenter in Microsoft Azure, Lifetime Fitness is able to redirect on-premise data warehousing workloads to Azure and benefit from a hybrid cloud architecture. They will discuss how they are benefiting from cloud economics and improving agility, while continuing to use the trusted PowerCenter platform and leveraging existing resources, skills and work-products.

Hope to see you all next week at the Cloud track at Informatica World 2016 and Cloud Innovation Summit in beautiful San Francisco!