A Manufacturer’s Must-Have Guide to Informatica World 2016

Informatica World 2016
The data tsunami for manufacturing organizations can be difficult to wade through

Data amassed in manufacturing organizations is happening at breakneck speed as investments in IoT, cloud, and additive / smart manufacturing are becoming commonplace. The struggle isn’t can you collect data, but how can you make that data actionable and implement the insights that are hidden in those massive data streams to improve your business.

Informatica will be holding their showcase customer event back in the Bay Area on May 23-26th, 2016 at the Moscone West Center. Informatica World 2016 will host over 3.5 days of keynotes, breakout sessions, workshops, and demos to help companies identify and understand how data management improvements can help alleviate key business issues by arming organizations with the ability to develop foresight to stay a step or two ahead of the competition.

Here’s a must-have guide for all industrial and high-tech manufacturing representatives attending IW16:

Monday, May 23rd

2:50 p.m. – IoT & Big Data Streaming Analytics

Awez Syed, Product Management VP at Informatica will walk through how all the streaming information coming from IoT and Big Data capabilities can be harnessed to provide real-time analytics. This conversation will feature in-depth understanding of how Informatica can help companies make sense of their streaming data, customer examples, and product demos. This will be a great session for anyone who is looking to understand how data can be turned into foresight.

Tuesday May 24th

 3:30 p.m. – A Customer Data Centric Strategy – Tracking the vehicle lifecycle

Renault project Christophe Drelon, Head of Voice of Customer & Data at Renault will discuss how they are implementing SFDC for their CRM strategy and Adobe Campaign for Marketing, and they needed a solution to consolidate and rationalize customer data. Starting with 100m unconsolidated customers and prospects, and they had to put together their best view of this information in order to succeed with their CRM implementation for better tracking the vehicle lifecycle (Owners) to improve service and up-sell potentials.

Wednesday May 25th

9:15 a.m.Transforming Intel and Intel’s Approach to Business Critical Data

Michael Sabelhaus, Customer Master Data Product Owner, will discuss how Intel is facing a huge change in business. Intel was used to selling large quantities of a relatively small number of products to a relatively small number of major customers. Now Intel addresses larger quantities with a rapidly changing product line to a much larger and more diverse customer base. Learn from Intel about their business case and how they plan to meet business demand.

1:45 p.m. – BNSF, MDM, and AGILE: Delivering Bite-Sized Master Data for Customer Experience

Jacob Bunkley, Solution Architect for Customer Hub MDM, BNSF Greg Zaunick, Senior Systems Developer, BNSF Transforming an entire technology division for a 150- year-old company is no small task. With the help of Informatica, we’ve taken a big step in moving one component of our business into the 21st century. MDM, Business Process Management (ActiveVOS), and SAFe has allowed us to realize value more quickly and consistently than ever before.

1:45 p.m. – Google Manufacturer Center – Helping Brands Convert New Customers

Christian Santiago, Strategic Partner Development Lead, Google Shopping and Nagesh Kanumury, Principal Product Manager, Informatica will discuss how Google is processing 100 billion searches per month and Google answers a significant number of the world’s product and shopping-related queries. Brands and manufacturers want to help shoppers make better buying decisions by providing richer, higher quality, and more accurate product information. They also want tools to understand the success of their products online. In this webinar merchandiser, product line managers and ecommerce managers will learn how manufacturers can be using Google Manufacturer Center to improve their brand awareness across a huge line of products, empowered by Informatica’s product information management app, named Informatica MDM – Product 360

Meet the Expert Tables:

Monday (11 a.m.) and Wednesday (2 p.m.)

Making Manufacturing Intelligence Available and Actionable

Yours truly will be leading a discussion on how manufacturing organizations can embrace automation in their production environments, collected data will increasingly get larger and more complex. Being able to make sense of this information will be paramount in finding growth opportunities and staying competitive in uncertain economic environments. We’ll discuss how organizations can confront this ‘data tsunami’ to improve decision making and the risks of maintaining status quo.

IoT: What it means for the Telecommunication, Technology, Automotive and Energy industries

Stephan Zoder highlights how IoT use cases around connected home, vehicle or production equipment are the forefront on monetizing the volume of data created by smart devices. Let’s discuss how these sectors suffer under the weight of this onslaught, the deteriorating data quality in the data supply chain. We will also talk about successful and disappointing financial results of existing and future use cases.

For those manufacturing interested in understanding how better to manage supplier relationships for improved partnerships and better cost effectiveness, we have a full slate of session lined up at INFA16 as well.

To get a full perspective of all the happenings at Informatica World, check out the session calendar. I look to discussing how INFA can help make your you complex data needs a reality. See you in San Francisco.