Accelerate Your Data Modernization Projects to Drive Value with Data Integration Hub 10.1

dataintegrationCompanies across the globe are embarking on data modernization projects to better leverage their data to generate new business value, such as better understanding their customers or to create new data products. Updating analytics systems and enterprise applications to leverage new technologies, such as the cloud and big data for these new projects can be daunting due to fragmentation. Most data integration products require the use of different workflows and tools for cloud or big data sources or target applications.

Data Integration Hub 10.1 accelerates data modernization projects through a unique combination of self-service and centralized IT governance for a hybrid world. With the new addition of the ability to execute data workflows through Informatica Cloud and Big Data Management as well as PowerCenter, Data Integration Hub 10.1 takes data integration to the next level. The world’s only out-of-the-box modern publish/subscribe data hub can now bring the worlds of the cloud, big data and traditional systems together in a single next generation data management solution.

Informatica customers of Data Integration Hub have told us that they have seen “dramatic” increases in productivity and collaboration. They have become able to get new integrations into production in hours or days instead of weeks or months. Self-service wizards for less technical users, empower distributed teams to work together in a more agile and productive way. Because of the centralization of the hub, everyone is assured that all analytics systems and applications are getting the same correct data from the hub so the team can be more confident in data-driven decisions.

For customers adding multiple SaaS applications, such as or Workday, to their enterprise infrastructure, the ability to synchronize with each SaaS app once and then publish fresh data to all consuming systems when they need it is tremendously valuable. In addition to the reducing the time, network and system loads by consolidating communication with each SaaS app, it reduces the expenses associated with making numerous redundant API calls to SaaS applications.

For companies using Hadoop or creating a data lake to augment their existing systems, Data Integration Hub 10.1 adds support for executing data workflows on Informatica Big Data Management running on Hadoop. This means that not only can Data Integration Hub automatically persist hub data in Hadoop and index it with Hive, but it can invoke data integration and quality processing at the scale and efficiency of Hadoop. With Data Integration Hub 10.1 you can choose any of the latest high-performance big data processing choices available in Big Data Management including Blaze, Spark, Tez and Map/Reduce.

With an increasing number of companies taking a bi-modal approach to combining existing systems with the cloud and big data, Data Integration Hub is the one ring to bind them all together and provide visibility and management across all of them through a unified high-productivity solution to power business value.

Come see customers speaking about DIH at Informatica World 2016, including MasterCard, Humana and the WaTech team from the State of Washington. There is more information about Informatica World sessions here

Also, join us for a webinar on data hubs with TDWI and Rabobank on June 30th:

Data Hubs to Enhance Productivity by Combining Centralization and Self-service