Enterprise Architects: Hear Jeanne Ross Speak at Informatica World’s Data Disruption Summit

RossI don’t know about you, but when “Enterprise Architecture as Strategy” came out in 2006, I read it from cover to cover. To say that Jeanne Ross’ book is the bible of enterprise architecture may be too strong, but most enterprise architects that I know have the book somewhere on their shelf which is easily accessible. At the same time, I have heard from several enterprise architects wanting to know what happened to Jeanne. I want you to know that she is alive and well. And there are strong rumors, mostly likely based in fact, that a new book is coming.

So if you are a fan like me, I want to share a unique opportunity to hear from Jeanne in person. At The Data Disruption Summit in San Francisco, Jeanne will present on the emerging digital economy. Obviously, enterprise architects today are finding themselves increasing in the middle of not only enabling business agility and enterprise architectural maturity, but also enabling business capabilities that are not based upon historical business advantage. In the world of Uber-like disruptors, enterprise architects need to help grafting new business capabilities in order for their companies to stay relevant. Typically, these are based upon data and analytics. And often they lead to final instantiations in the form of the software.

The Data Disruption Summit represents a unique opportunity to hear Jeanne’s perspective on enterprise architecture and digital disruption. This is something that enterprise architectures need to be in the middle of.

Data Disruption

To learn more, here is a link to the event.