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Google recently announced on their Inside AdWords Blog the latest news about Google Manufacturer Center, specifically highlighting 3 manufacturers that realized significant purchase conversion uplifts through participation. If you’re not familiar with Manufacturer Center, it is a free tool to help brand manufacturers accurately represent their products to shoppers on and other Google services.



By uploading complete and accurate product data into Manufacturer Center, brands increase their chances of standing out in a crowded marketplace — and ultimately get more of their products in the hands of consumers.

Informatica is proud to be one of Google’s key partners for Manufacturer Center. Through our Product Information App, Informatica MDM – Product 360, Informatica can deliver accurate and comprehensive product data into Manufacturer Center. In short, we are increasingly becoming an integrated digital solution for brands; this is evidenced by the quote below, which we heard at a recent Informatica Executive Briefing Center event.


Informatica Google Manufacturer Center


With the onset of the digital transformation every company wants to ensure its brand and products are portrayed correctly. Brand managers, product line managers, e-commerce managers, and supply chain managers are all using Manufacturer Center to improve their brand presentation across a huge line of  products and verticals. Fortunately, Informatica is well positioned to meet our client’s needs with Product 360; we are increasingly playing a critical role in helping companies expedite their objectives. Watch this video to get a simple overview.

With its industry leading data quality and business process capabilities, brands are leveraging Product 360 to consolidate, create, enrich, and manage product content. Our software allows brands to have the golden record of the product centrally managed which is rich in content and of high quality data.

“Digital marketing and ecommerce managers are using our app to fuel different commerce engines and also to get data into Google Manufacturer Center with their data feeds” said Nagesh Kanumury, Product Management at Informatica.

Informatica Google Manufacturer Center Screen

Once product data is uploaded, Informatica MDM – Product 360 syndicates the content out in the required formats to various channels that need the data. For Manufacturer Center, Product 360 is automatically generating the necessary feed that adheres to Google’s feed specifications and uploading data directly into manufacturer’s accounts. This automatic process helps Manufacturers automate the data transfer without worrying about issues with regards to content, quality, consistency, or  errors. In addition, manufacturers are able to leverage the analytics dashboard within Manufacturer Center to monitor the performance of their products on Google.

For more details on how product information surfaces on Google – see below. When users search for products, Google can surface product cards which display rich product information submitted to Manufacturer Center (you can see the data attributes Google currently accepts now here). Specifically, the images at the top are influenced by your image link and additional image links, and video link. The title is determined from the information from brand, title, and product name attributes. The “From the Manufacturer” results are influenced by your description, tagline, bullet description, and feature description attributes. Product details at the bottom of the card are populated using additional rich information uploaded.

Lastly, I wrote on this blog earlier this year that “omnichannel is dead“. What I mean is that customers are not thinking in terms of channels; they just expect the information to be at their fingertips, everywhere and everytime. This does not mean brand and retailers can wait and see. They have to stay agile and be prepared to add new digital marketing channels fast. Manufacturer Center is a great way to help stay ahead of the curve and influence how your products are shown to shoppers as they make buying decisions.

Want to learn more? Be sure to register for Informatica World and attend the session about Google Manufacturer Center and Google Merchant Center or chat with me twitter @benrund! This other blog provides a good summary of sessions around omnichannel commerce from companies like Unilever, Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply and more.

PS: If SEO is your topic, you might enjoy this too this webinar.


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