A Data Scientist Journeys Toward Extraordinary Events

Data Scientist

We all attend conferences and other corporate events regularly. Sometimes it is for networking, other times it is to learn something new, and then there are events that your boss wants you to go to!

No matter which event or conference it is, don’t you wish there was a magical way to connect you to your match easily in the sea of people or find the perfect sessions for you, or better if the event team could predict the right activities for you based on your preferences. A conference made just for you!

At UBM, they are striving to achieve similar business goals, to help people have extraordinary experiences from their events. Join us for the webinar to explore how UBM’s principal data scientist discovered the magic of data to help create the next generation of events.

UBM is one of the world’s leading business-to-business (B2B) event organizers. They are known for their vibrant and dynamic events connecting people with like minds and helping them do business effectively. UBM owns various digital and print media as well.

Join me to hear how a ninja data scientist like Jody Porrazzo, Pricipal Data Scientist at UBM is enlightening the marketing and sales teams at UBM to realize the dream of creating extraordinary experiences for their attendees!

Like many other businesses, UBM faced multiple data challenges. Departmental silos, fragmented reporting and the divide between Sales, Marketing and IT teams. All of these sound very common!

They were looking for cost-effective solutions to help them deliver value-added analysis, make critical business decisions based on high quality connected data across disparate data sources.

Another significant goal was to democratize the data and empower their marketing and sales teams with governed self-service dashboards.

UBM Phased Implementation
UBMMarketing Dashboards powered by Informatica Cloud solutions

UBM conducted the implementation over a phased approached. The IT team at UBM adopted to cloud to manage their platform and monitor costs, help scale extensively, faster time-to-value.

Phase 1 involved the foundational steps to build the analytics framework using Informatica Cloud solutions

  • Virtual data mart, cloud based, extensible to full hybridized EDW
  • Intelligence for 60+ brands + 100+ users via Tableau
  • Stores data necessary to deliver intelligence and insights collected from across the business
  • Scalable, extensible BI platform, with seamless connectivity to advanced analytics
  • Cost savings + efficiencies from BI by end of 2015 to be reinvested in Phase 2

Phase 2 investment is focused on furthering the analytics into the next level of advanced planning for better predictive modelling, next-best-offer and other next-generational insights.

Join Informatica and UBM on April 27th at 11:30am EST to hear about the best practices fueling UBM’s innovative cloud analytics initiatives.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How UBM achieves predictive insights for millions of their customers across various channels like events, online activity, social and mobile sources
  • Why Cloud Analytics can reduce the cost and improve the performance of large scale data by orders of magnitude
  • How using Informatica Cloud they have gained speed, and saved cost

Jody is also participating at Informatica World, Cloud Summit and track session sharing best practices and use cases for UBM’s Cloud Analytics initiatives. Register for the one-day event at http://www.informaticaworld.com/cloudsummit.