When Tragedy Strikes, and then Strikes Again. A Tale of Bad Data.

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When Tragedy Strikes, and then Strikes Again. A Tale of Bad Data.

Imagine the relief you must feel when you step forth from the rubble, look around, and realize that in spite of your entire town being demolished by a tornado, that your home has miraculously made it. In disbelief you must stand there and take it all in. Everything around you, flattened to the ground but the house your family calls home has withstood the wrath.

Now imagine returning home days later to find that a demolition crew has done what the natural disaster didn’t – flattened your family home to the ground. That’s exactly what happened recently in Rowlett, Texas. It appears that a company was hired to ensure that quarantined houses that were no longer safe to stand were torn down. Unfortunately, they were led to the wrong address and did the unthinkable.  The culprit in this action was bad data. Armed with an unreliable source for their address data, the demolition company found themselves one block away from the correct home, sledgehammers in hand, and mistakenly destroyed one family’s duplex.

Preventable Mistakes

This tragedy could have been prevented. Unfortunately not all data sources are created equal. While your organization is unlikely to be in the home demolition industry, unreliable data can likewise affect your business and leave your customers equally unhappy. The prevention technique you need – Address Verification.

Ensure Accuracy

Powered by the industry leading AddressDoctor technology, Informatica’s Address Verification solution can save you the embarrassment of nationwide news coverage. Perhaps you ship orders to customers, mail credit card statements, or send catalogues out to prospects. Regardless of what you use the postal service for, you need to fuel your operations with accurate contact data. Informatica Address Verification is the only validation engine in the world to have received every single certification available in the market. With data sourced from over 240 countries and territories, we can ensure that your addresses are accurate wherever your customers are located.

Integrated for Convenience

Finally, along with Email Verification and Phone Validation, Informatica can ensure that all pieces of the contact record are validated in the tools that you use to power your business. Use Salesforce for your CRM, we can clean your data there. Use Marketo for your marketing automation solution, we can get you up and running with verified contact data in mere minutes.

Don’t make a costly mistake that could have been prevented by verifying your contact data. Visit our booth at the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit in Las Vegas on May 9th – 12th to learn how our suite of Contact Data Verification tools will enable you to keep your customers happy – and keep their houses standing.