Let’s Talk Data at Informatica World 2016

Informatica World 2016
Let’s Talk Data at Informatica World 2016

Data. It’s all about the data. Can you get enough? Is it accurate? How much is too much? In healthcare, the appetite for data – both clinical and operational – shows no boundaries. Whether researching the impact of a new therapy, optimizing clinical workflow, or deepening member and patient engagement, the breadth and complexity of data sources continues to expand. That said it is also imperative that healthcare organizations take advantage of current data sources and not wait for all the “answers” as the exponential growth of IoT devices climbs towards 30 billion. The time to be building the foundation for the applications that will place demands on those data sources is now. And integrating that data and developing a scalable “single source of truth” is a critical first step in order to achieve desired operational, clinical and financial outcomes.

Enabling the creation of clean, reliable and secure “gold master” data that can be enhanced and expanded is the mission here at Informatica. We recognize that building that foundation can accelerate efforts to deliver results that truly have an impact across the healthcare community. Helping to bend the cost curve associated with quality healthcare delivery is important work – knowing that we are also helping to save lives is especially rewarding! Building a reliable data model that is accessible and secure is the starting point. It reduces the risk of lost productivity and future costs as new data sources – or new applications placing new demands on data – are integrated and new insights gained. But it all needs to start with reliable data.

For those of you attending Informatica World 2016 in a few weeks, I look forward to discussing these topics and learning how you are building your data architecture with an eye on managing the future and delivering patient-centric care while also optimizing your own operations. For those of you not planning to attend, you may want to reconsider. We have a growing agenda that includes a diverse group of many respected individuals and organizations in HCIT. A sample of some of the key healthcare specific sessions includes:




In addition, we are organizing a breakfast for healthcare attendees which will include a discussion around the topic of rich data uses.   Whether you can attend some or all the sessions, if you are in beautiful San Francisco May 23-26 be sure to let me know, it would be great to catch up.