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Customer Data Strategies at the MDM 360 Summit at Informatica World


Register for the MDM 360 Summit at Informatica World
Register for the MDM 360 Summit at Informatica World

Every year, thousands of people from around the globe converge at Informatica World to discover the newest ways to power business with clean, consistent and connected data. This year the conference will be held between the dates of May 23rd and May 26th in San Francisco.

A number of noteworthy discussions will center on how data powers customer understanding and innovation to improve marketing, sales and customer service.

I’ll be leading the Customer Data Strategies track during the MDM 360 Summit on May 24th. The summit includes sessions by Hyatt, Renault, Unilever and Disney, a few of the most respected brands in customer experience management.  And their stories will be shared by some of the most experienced practitioners in customer data management and insight. They are:

SriHari Thotapalli, Director, Customer Data Management, Hyatt

Mr. Thotapalli will discuss how Hyatt, a 2015 Innovation Award winner, is ‘Living the Total Customer Relationship’ across their 500 hotel and resort properties with Informatica MDM and Data as a Service.  They’re creating more personalized experiences across functions and hotels, fueling analytics, marketing automation, and campaigns with a new centralized, trusted customer 360 view.

Ashwani Sethi, Senior Manager, Master Data Management and Customer Insight at Walt Disney World, Disney

Mr. Sethi will share Disney’s concept of building ‘More than a Dream Factory for Customer Experience at Disney Parks.’ At Disney, the customer’s journey is the lifeblood of the business. It has moved from park visit to Disney channels at living room to resort booking and much more. Disney has created a flexible data management infrastructure powered by Informatica MDM that helps employees identify any customer in under 100 milliseconds and put into action the best, seamless customer service.

Christophe Drelon, Head of Voice of Customer & Data, Renault

Renault is fulfilling their ‘Customer Data Centric Strategy, Tracking the Vehicle and the Customer Lifecycle’ by consolidating and rationalizing 100 million customers and prospects to ensure success for their new Salesforce CRM and Adobe Campaign implementations. Putting together the best view of this information enables Renault to better track the vehicle lifecycle and improve service and up-sell potential.

Linda Nailor, E-commerce manager, Unilever

Unilever is publishing ‘Rich Product Content that Drives Customer Experiences that Sell.’  With over 2 billion consumers globally using a Unilever product on a daily basis, Unilever is implementing a strategy that helps them remain relevant and agile in its growth, address relevancy that knows no boundaries or time zones, and survive in the age of connected consumer experiences and seamless shopping experiences. You’ll hear now this global brand managed to push forward with its ambitious expansion goals by placing product data management at the center of its global strategy.

There’s more beyond the MDM 360 Summit at Informatica World

You can meet other customer data rock stars, participate in panel discussions, view demos, talk with experts in global address management, attend other summits on data disruption, big data, cloud, in addition to more customer experience and data management sessions beyond those highlighted here.  We’ll unveil our Customer 360 solution for customer onboarding.  And for those that want to delve deeper, there will be the Hands on Labs and Meet the Experts roundtable discussions.  You can view the agenda here and download the session catalog here.

So, what does great customer experience mean to you? For everyone it’s just a little bit different.  But we can all agree that to deliver great customer experiences consistently across sales, marketing and customer service, you start with a foundation of great customer data.

I just registered for Informatica World 16. I hope you can join the conversation, listen to customers’ stories, talk with innovators in data management, hear about the latest tools and techniques, and learn the best practices being used to propel data and business initiatives to success.

I’ll see you there.