A Small Step at Strata + Hadoop World San Jose: A Big Step for Big Data Management

Big Data ManagementWow. I just left a really intense week at the Strata + Hadoop World conference in San Jose, California. For me personally, this has been the culmination of working with some of the most talented people at Informatica to bring together the next generation of our offerings. For the industry and the community, I hope we have helped continue the education around what big data management is really about and how it can be a powerful force for organizations looking to turn big data projects into vehicles of repeatable and sustainable business value.

Did I run into some skeptics this week? Of course. I understand the skepticism. Nobody is saying that the opportunity of big data is somehow a complete carbon copy of what we saw in the classic world of data warehousing. We understand the opportunity of big data and the tremendous creative potential it is. Informatica has been privileged and humbled by customers like Transamerica and US Bank, who presented with us at Strata + Hadoop World, on the genuinely transformative analytical initiatives they have embarked on with Hadoop and with Informatica.

But deep inside their transformation was the recognition of practically. Both customers talked about how big data was a non-starter without security and governance. Both customers talked about how they have created nimble but well-defined “manufacturing” processes for their big data curation. There is nothing traditional about what they are doing with big data, but there is a dose of pragmatism and experience underlying the transformative innovation that they are bringing to market.

And it is within this pragmatism and experience that I think we are seeing a new discipline of big data management arise. Are there new technologies involved? Absolutely. Are there new processes involved? Absolutely. Are people collaborating and iterating in new ways? Absolutely? But innovation does not have to be disruptive. And frankly it can’t be disruptive inside organizations who face the pressure of regulations and the demands of highly engaged customers. Organizations need to turn big data into business value now in that a way that is sustainable and repeatable.

And this is why so many of our social media efforts this week went viral with a ton of traffic on the #BigDataReady hashtag.

This is why our microsite at www.informatica.com/ready/big-data-ready.html had a record number of pageviews.

This is why we had more customers stop at our booth and request private meetings with us than we had expected.

We hear about it in the news. We hear about it from analysts like Forrester Research. We hear about it from Accenture, CapGemini, Cognizant, Deloitte, and so many other systems integrators. We hear about it from our huge ecosystem of long time partners and many new ones we will engage this year. There is a need for a new way of delivering the process of curating big data that is fast, flexible, repeatable, and pragmatic. It’s not going to come from armies of specialized development. It’s not going to come from disruptive and chaotic tools, which violate the most basic requirements of compliance and protection. It’s going to come from a balance of pragmatism and experience with technological innovation where it matters. This is the path to getting the right data to the right people at the right time. This is the path of turning more big data into business value. This is the path of world-class big data management.

But I don’t think we’re done. Our customers and our partners continue to innovate, and we look forward to innovating with them. Speaking for myself, I think I understand the skepticism and confusion of how exactly you balance the pragmatic experience of established data management best practices with the technological innovation required to think differently with big data. But this balance is absolutely possible. Informatica’s customers are pioneering that balance using our products, and I am inspired to continue educating and enabling newer generations of customers and partners on this pragmatic, but no less transformational path of big data management.

Check out our microsite at www.informatica.com/ready/big-data-ready.html if you haven’t already. And join the conversation by tweeting me at @mmathiprakasam #BigDataReady.