Your One Stop Guide for Upcoming Data Governance Research Opportunities

Your One Stop Guide for Upcoming Data Governance Research Opportunities

Last month we held a user conference in New York City titled the Informatica MDM 360 Summit. At the event we had keynotes from the Informatica executive team, the product leadership team, and some amazing customers. In addition, there were three tracks held in the afternoon to align with common industry initiatives. One track was solely dedicated to data governance.

During the data governance track we had many excellent customer speakers discuss their challenges and success stories alongside of industry thought leaders. Customer speakers included PwC, EMC, Health First, and UPMC. Also, industry thought leaders came from our own organization as well as Infoverity and HighPoint Solutions.

While you may not have had the opportunity to attend, there are many opportunities coming up to learn more about data governance. Below, I’ve outlined some upcoming events and resources that are available to you to utilize:

Informatica World 2016

At Informatica World 2016 (May 23 – 26), we’ll have several sessions dedicated to data governance. To name a few, we’ll have a session from Fannie Mae titled, “The Synergy of Metadata and Data Governance – Lessons Learned from a 12 Year Journey of Spinning up a Governance Program” that is sure to provide insight to anyone looking to get their data governance program started or accelerated. We’ll also have a session from CIT’s Chief Data Officer, BJ Fesq, titled, “How CIT Group Strategically Manages and Shares Data for Regulatory Compliance and Customer Centricity”. Finally, we’ll have a session from American Family Insurance titled, “Implementation of Information Quality Management at American Family Insurance.” And that’s all just on day one of Informatica World! There are many more sessions including panels, hands on labs, meet the expert tables, and demonstrations in our Informatica World Pavilion throughout the week that you won’t want to miss.

MDM 360 Paris

Like our MDM 360 Summit in New York, we’ll be hosting a user conference and industry thought leadership session in Paris, France on May 31st – June 1st. The event will likewise be packed with data governance centric sessions including a panel with several customers and a customer led session from KPN titled, “KPN Data Transformation – Getting the Data Foundation Right.” If you’re going to be in Paris in June, join us to find out more about MDM, Data Quality, and data governance.

Just Enough Data Governance

If you haven’t had a chance to read this ebook yet, check it out. It’s an easy read and discusses a topic that a lot of organizations struggle with – where to get started with a new data governance program. In just a few minutes, you’ll learn how taking one small step will allow you to build massive momentum going forward. Read it today.

Finally, if you haven’t already checked out, visit the site today. Between the thought leadership articles and discussion boards, you can also take advantage of our helpful data governance tools. The data governance maturity assessment will let you know where you stand in the development of your data governance program at your business, relative to other organizations. This benchmarking activity is helpful to understand where you stand today. In addition, the business opportunity assessment tool will give you an idea about which projects to go after to have the biggest impact.

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