The Week Ahead at Strata + Hadoop World San Jose: The Road Ahead with Big Data Management

Big Data ManagementThis week marks the Strata + Hadoop World conference in San Jose, California. Customers and vendors alike will converge to learn about the opportunities big data can bring for big business. But customers, analysts, and vendors alike are also recognizing some practical realities as well.

Big data cannot mean big teams. Big data cannot mean big liabilities. Big Data cannot mean big chaos. And the only proven and pragmatic approach for turning big data into big business value is through a comprehensive approach to big data management.

This week, join Informatica, as we share our latest innovations in big data management. We will give you the opportunity to hear the community share ways that you can turn big data into business value as well.

  1. Join us on Tuesday to hear our Chief Product Officer and Chief Marketing Officer share how Informatica is enabling a new approach to big data management and get a new eBook on how to run big data POCs in just 6 weeks.
  2. Join us on Wednesday to see live demos of our latest innovations and hear customers from Transamerica and US Bank discuss how they have turned big data into big value using big data management.
  3. Join us on Thursday to hear from Gartner’s Mark Beyer and Forrester Research’s Noel Yuhanna to hear their thoughts on the market drivers and issues motivating big data management.

Informatica is making these resources available to you online for all of our customers and prospects who are unable to join us in person at Strata + Hadoop World San Jose. Whether you join us in person or online this week, take this opportunity to learn from industry experts and analysts on you 2016 can be the year that your organization turns big data into big value.

The road ahead to getting business value from big data need not be constrained by big teams, big liabilities, or big chaos. There is a path of efficiency, a path of security, a path of governance, a path to transforming the growing supply and demand for data in organizations into a well-managed data democracy. Join us this week, and on the road ahead.