Data Hubs to Power Analytics and Application Modernization

Data modernization is a hot topic among large organizations. They want to find better ways to get value from their data and to combine centralization of data management with greater business self-service to be more agile. Organizations across the globe are adopting new analytics systems and new applications in the cloud and on-premises all the time and need to find better approaches to integrating these systems in a faster, more automated and manageable way. Many times, there are tight deadlines due to M&A, reorganizations or an urgency to migrate to new systems quickly.


Data Hubs to Power Analytics and Application Modernization
Data Hubs to Power Analytics and Application Modernization


Tremendous value can be realized by automating the workflows to extract data from multiple systems, integrate, process and cleanse data sets centrally in a hub and then make certified, curated data sets available to all analytics systems and users that need them. The publish/subscribe data hub methodology provides greater confidence in analytics done by distributed teams across multiple warehouses, data marts and other analytics systems for big data and visualization by ensuring the quality and freshness of data. Imagine having automated delivery of fresh, formatted for purpose data at just the right time and format to each consuming system that needs it.

For companies adding to or changing their application infrastructure to take advantage of new application capabilities, embrace SaaS, do upgrades, enable new data driven processes, or do consolidations and migrations, a data hub can provide the tools and automation to get into production more quickly. A modern data hub can accelerate the time to complete these complex projects and provide a more flexible data infrastructure to enable more rapid evolution going forward.

If your organization is looking to modernize your analytics or enterprise applications, Informatica is hosting webinar featuring an expert in the field, Philip Russom, Research Director for TDWI. Philip Russom will cover the latest trends and best practices for data modernization. I will follow up with an introduction to Informatica’s premier solution for data modernization, the Informatica Data Integration Hub.

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