Recap: MDM 360 Summit New York February 2016

It was a packed room when Hamilton Faris, Chief Data & Analytics Officer of the Americas at MetLife kicked off last week’s MDM 360 Summit New York by sharing three tenets of a data-driven customer-centricity strategy with over 500 attendees:

  1. Connect all relationships and interactions
  2. Gain trusted and reliable information through traceability
  3. Proactively manage and share information

Guided by these tenets, Hamilton emphasized four critical business drivers where MDM and data quality help MetLife. These advanced data management solutions enable the number one insurer in the United States to:

  • Simplify the client experience, deliver personalized customer service, and optimize client-facing business services and operations.
  • Streamline and enable fact-based decision-making at the point of need
  • Ensure MetLife remains regulation compliant through governance programs that provide transparency and trust.
  • Boost marketing effectiveness and build a global sales organization to fuel MetLife’s growth strategy

In partnering with Informatica, Hamilton stated that MetLife gains:

  • A scalable data management platform that quickly adapts to changing business needs
  • Contextually relevant customer views to empower different business functions
  • Advanced corporate hierarchy management with insights into the relationships that matter to their business
  • Support for the end-to-end data management lifecycle
  • A partner for the ongoing investment to support the data and analytics that is foundational to MetLife’s business and customer-centric strategy.

mdm summit 360Next, Michelle Goetz from Forrester Research engaged the audience in a compelling session on how to survive data anarchy in the digital world. Michelle delivered insights covering the challenges that digital disruptors throw at existing business models and explained how companies can make data more personal where context matters the most. Michelle Goetz says,

The proliferation of digital technology is in the hands of customers. Intelligent data management is the future where data is at the heart of the digital revolution.

Anil Chakravarthy, CEO of Informatica, shared the company’s vision in helping organizations drive value from their data – big or small. According to Anil, MDM is the “glue” that connects information across data silos and becomes a source of trusted business-critical data. It is your key to success in bringing context to big data by identifying valuable relationships that exist. As the Internet of Things (IoT) drives the next level of the data revolution, Anil says,

Informatica MDM powered by Informatica’s Intelligent Data Platform will help organizations predict next logical actions, be it supplier risk, customer experience, regulatory risk, or data security.

Ron Matusof, VP of Customer Success at Informatica, discussed the ways in which organizations can maximize the value of information quality solutions. Ron’s insights resonated with the audience of CXO’s and data management leaders, who learned critical aspects of trusted data initiatives, such as MDM. Ron emphasized the need for defining, and adjusting the appropriate success criteria to attain business objectives and maximize business value. He provided a six-step process for determining the requirements and technical design tradeoffs that MDM implementation teams need to make for best results.

At the event, I met a variety of data management leaders like you from across industries. Engaging business meaningfully and getting their buy-in for MDM was one of the hottest topics among these leaders, and this was the main subject of discussion at the roundtable led by Informatica’s Business Value Assessment experts. Many attendees at my roundtable discussion were eager to learn how Informatica helps organizations turn big data into big value with MDM. I am looking forward to discussing more on this topic at the upcoming Gartner Enterprise Information & Master Data Management Summit (click to register), Grapevine Dallas.

If you missed the MDM 360 Summit in New York, I have some good news for you. First, you can catch up on the social comments by checking out #MDM360 on Twitter. Second, you can download our latest whitepaper that provides step-by-step guidance for how to win sponsorship for your trusted data journey. Click on the image to download your copy today.

mdm summit 360I’d like to thank my fantastic Informatica colleagues and our awesome partner sponsors who helped make this event a great success. And thank you so much to everyone who attended. In the end, the success of any event is most dependent on the participation of its attendees – and our attendees are world class practitioners who teach while they learn. We look forward to seeing you at MDM 360 Summit at Informatica World 2016 on 24th May, 2016, in San Francisco.

Questions or feedback? Use the comments section below or message me on Twitter at @MDMGeek. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions!