Quickly Become Data Driven and Increase Efficiency

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Quickly Become Data Driven and Increase Efficiency

“We need to be more efficient.” “We need to be more nimble.” “We need to show results.” Phrases like these are commonly heard at meetings every hour of the day all over the world. The drive for internal efficiency has been growing faster and faster, with the pace of technology racing in parallel. Regardless of the size of the organization, companies throughout the world are looking to improve the way they go to market so that they can grow their business and beat the competition. Yet, in spite of this desire for efficiency, it still takes a relatively long time to start using that technology and show results to management.

A recent study published by eMarketer stated that for nearly 60% of organizations in the US, it takes more than four months to fully integrate new technology and improve marketing efforts.  Now, not all technology can be implemented in a short amount of time and prove results fast.  Some tools, especially for marketers, however, are designed to create efficiencies for your business, show results quickly, and are easy to use. This is where our Informatica Data as a Service products can help your business.

Minutes, Hours, Days not Months

What if you could start measuring your success in minutes, or hours, or even just days instead of months? According to the eMarketer study, you would be off the chart. That’s exactly what you can do with our Contact Record Verification services. In as little as five minutes, you can implement our services into a marketing automation system and be off and running, validating the customer and prospect contact data. This cuts down on invalid data and wasted effort in record time.

A Reduction from 20% to 2%

Being efficient is not just about getting off the ground quickly. It’s also about being able to create a real difference. For example, what if your organization spends a ton of time on email campaigns only to see them fail time and time again due to bounced emails? What if you could reduce the number of bounces from 20% to 2%? That’s exactly what one of our customers, Guidespark, was able to do. Not only were they able to quickly implement our Email Verification service into Marketo, but also, they were able to identify invalid and potentially harmful email addresses in their database. Read more about their story here.

Create Efficiency with your Marketing Technology and Become Data Driven

Once you’ve got your integration off the ground and you can show results, you’ll be at the beginning of your path to becoming a data-driven marketer. If you’re ready to be data-driven, check out this ebook and get started on being more efficient.