The Data Revolution is Here and Informatica is Leading the Charge

Data RevolutionLast year, I flew more than 200,000 miles across the globe. And, while I lead Informatica’s product team, I wasn’t just traveling to support our R&D efforts. I spent a majority of the time traveling to meet with our customers – getting to hear their successes and desires for the future around how we work together to help our customers solve their business challenges.

I have always been convinced about the Informatica opportunity and with each customer conversation I have, I see the incredible position we are in to be the supplier of data the makes a difference for our customers.

We had the foresight to develop and bring to market the innovative Intelligent Data Platform two years ago. Informatica has the only platform, in the industry that gives customers the power to unify all their data, whether it’s old transactional data or engagement data, on-premise or cloud data, small or big data.

For Informatica customers the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform is the organizing principle that brings it all together. Increasingly, as data becomes a stratregic advantage for businesses, what I see is that more and more customers are seeking Informatica out to meet all of their data driven business goals. Our platform fits the bill perfectly.

A global financial services organization, that is a leader in markets such as equity trading and wealth management, has turned to Informatica to help solve its three biggest problems; big data, data governance and data security.

Additionally, the COO of one of the largest banks in the world is betting on Informatica to help them solve those problems, protecting their data assets and maintaining their competitive advantage in a cut-throat market.

Informatica’s momentum goes beyond financial services. We had a host of great wins in 2015 that include major global retailers, insurance companies, healthcare organizations, manufacturing, oil & gas, and beyond. In each case, Informatica’s ability to help the customer master different aspects of the data environment won us a greater degree of trust and confidence than any competitive offering.

Informatica is also rapidly building one of the biggest developer ecosystems in the business around our products. Important players across the technology field are drawn to the Intelligent Data Platform and the opportunity to work with the incredible team that put it together. Together with our customer developers, there are now hundreds of thousands of experts working with our technology on a daily basis.

Customers and partners are powerful indicators of our momentum going into 2016, but Informatica has more. In an incredible year of products announcements that ranged from MDM10, Cloud R23 and Secure@Source to the game-changing Informatica v10 and Informatica Big Data Management, we continue to earn recognition for our ability to innovate and to execute.

To make sure Informatica’s incredible momentum keeps rolling, we will continue to put our customers first. We will also continue to expand our leading solutions, deepen our ecosystem and hire world-class employees.

Informatica is committed to continuing to provide the market-leading products that our customers are looking for to deliver business value.

Are you ready for this data revolution? Let Informatica help lead you on this incredible journey.