Test Environments are Moving to the Cloud

Test Environments
Test Environments are Moving to the Cloud
While new applications are predominantly getting deployed and delivered in the cloud, a vast majority of applications are still on premise sucking in as much as 70% of the organizations IT budget. These applications are mission critical to the organization, and armies of IT engineers are working on these to a) maintain these applications, b) enhance these applications as business needs evolve and c) make sure that these applications work in conjunction with other applications that the organization acquires, either in the cloud or on premise.

With IT budgets drying up and an increased focus on delivering newer capabilities to manage the business expectation, leaders in the IT space are becoming innovative with how they deploy their IT dollars. Organizations may not want to host traditional on premise applications on the cloud since they contain sensitive data, test environments and the associated test data (after masking sensitive data) for these applications is being deployed on the cloud to take advantage of lower capital investments, and lower operating costs that these cloud providers can deliver due to scale.

Moving test environments to the cloud provides additional benefits and agility to the business. Test Engineers want their very own isolated test environments, that they can build, deploy the software and test the system independent of other test engineers. Performance test engineers want to scale up the environments while testing for performance.

Deploying test environments to the cloud allows organizations to build up the environment from templates, deploy the software, run automation tests and tear down the environment when done. This ensures that the organizations pay for only the time the environment was used. Performance test engineers can scale up the environments with multiple hardware configurations without them having to buy expensive racks that for the most part sit idle.

And this is not hypothetical. A financial services customer of ours is doing exactly that. While the product systems stay on premise, the test environments have moved to the cloud. In fact, Mark Hurd, CEO of Oracle predicts that in the next 10 years, ALL development and test environments will move to the cloud.


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