Konnichiwa! Informatica Cloud Winter 2016 is Here

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Informatica Cloud Winter 2016 is Here
Winter 2016 is one of our most exciting releases ever! With Informatica Cloud Winter 2016, internationalized and localized support for the Japanese language is available now.

Informatica cloud Winter 2016 delivers significant new and innovative platform features. A few key highlights are the new transformations available in Cloud Mapping Designer, Sub-org and hierarchical relationships supporting integration centers of excellence, next-generation monitoring and dashboards with Discovery IQ.

Cloud Mapping Designer

Cloud Mapping Designer provides several new design time capabilities including:

  • New data masking transformation provides rules-based masking of PII, PCI and other sensitive data. You can use this transformation to mask sensitive information before it leaves your corporate firewall.
  • New stored procedure transformation to invoke database stored procedures in your databases that are on-premise or in the cloud. You can use this transformation to call database stored procedures for various purposes such as to validate semantics of customer data, or perform specialized lookups to augment attributes to your master or transactional data etc.
  • SOQL support supports the Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) and gives flexibility to search Salesforce data for specific information, or to extract data from related Salesforce objects by using custom joins and filters.

Informatica Cloud sub-orgs

With the new Informatica Cloud sub-orgs, companies can enable their integration centers of excellence to easily manage and govern multiple Informatica Cloud sub-orgs with centralized administration, reporting, charge-back metrics and reusable templates. In addition, companies can empower line-of-business integration via delegated administrators, self-service wizards and operational dashboards for LOB-specific integration tasks.

Discovery IQ

Informatica Cloud features Discovery IQ, a next-generation dashboard and centralized monitoring application that provides user management features such as delegated access, user-based analytics, agent log analysis, upgrade readiness reports and recommendations for workflow designs and execution parameters.

Other Key Enhancements

Winter 2016 also includes key enhancements to Informatica Cloud Application Integration (Real-Time) to support automated notifications for platform administrators, metric-based service reports and built-in services for emails and shell commands.

The Winter 2016 release also brings several new connectivity innovations to Informatica Cloud customers for major cloud ecosystems and SaaS apps:

  • NetSuite: Informatica’s new NetSuite connector takes advantage of native NetSuite API multi-threading and parallel processing to deliver linear scaling and breakthrough read/write performance. Our internal benchmarks show throughput improvements of over 66x!
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Our updated connector fully supports all advanced custom objects (also referred to as Data Extensions) via the Marketing Cloud API
  • Marketo: Our updated connector fully supports all advanced custom objects via the Marketo API
  • Advanced JSON/XML file support: Our new connector for complex file processing supports HDFS for enabling big data initiatives such as data lakes, as we well as multiple folders, local and remote file systems.

Other new enterprise connectors that are part of Winter 2016 include: Microsoft Dynamics, Azure DocumentDB, SAP HANA, and Oracle JD Edwards.

Also Included in this release are new connectors for popular SaaS applications like Anaplan, SugarCRM, Zendesk and Zoho all listed on Informatica Marketplace.

Besides the new connectors, other existing connectors have also been enhanced like Amazon Redshift, RDS and Microsoft Azure Blob and SQL Data Warehouse.

  • The Amazon Redshift connector now supports custom SQL queries, pre-built Redshift and User-Defined Functions and the ability to retain files on S3 while moving data into Redshift.
  • The Amazon S3 connector supports all delimited formatted files (comma, Tab, Pipe etc) and improved handling of special characters.
  • The Microsoft Azure Blob and SQL Data Warehouse connectors now support READ/WRITE on delimited files creation of files at runtime, and improved multi-part file upload/download.

Both Microsoft Azure Blob Storage and SQL DataWarehouse connectors now support Polybase and T-SQL technology giving a significant performance boost over typical ODBC or JDBC connectivity.

In addition to individual connectors for every major cloud and on-premise system, with Winter 2016, Informatica Cloud now also includes pre-packaged, native solution bundles for major cloud analytics and SaaS apps that enable customers to quickly and securely bring clean, prepped and connected data to Tableau, Salesforce Wave and Marketo.

The features and capabilities released this winter are available to all existing Informatica Cloud customers, and everyone else through our free 30-day trial offer. To learn more also check out Informatica Cloud Winter 2016 webinar.