Data Visibility, Risk and Financial Impact: Secure@Source Version 2 Webinar

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Data Visibility, Risk and Financial Impact

The need for understanding sensitive data continues to grow; driven by persistent threats, data growth and dispersion, and byzantine privacy laws and industry regulation.   Reported data breaches provided a routine cadence of organizations whose security efforts failed to protect their most valuable and entrusted asset:  sensitive data, whether their customers or constituents or staff.

Current security controls and processes remain important; but the reality that they cannot prevent, only slow or increase the difficulty of attackers, is still not acknowledged in many security executives and managers. Slowing and complicating the efforts of attackers is very important, but more is needed.  Many organizations have recognized that analytics are needed to understand complex precursors to attacks well before they happen.

But there is more; much more is needed to help organizations understand the foundation of what should be driving security planning, prioritization and monitoring.  Sensitive data visibility and risk are the foundation.  Some security professionals understand this, surprisingly, many more traditional IT roles understand.  Their focus has had to be on the data itself, to ensure that services and applications provide what the organization needs for its mission or goals.

Data Security Intelligence provides the solution organizations need to understand what sensitive data they have in traditional databases, Hadoop and cloud.  Where it is created, who is using it, how it is proliferating, whether it is protected and its cost.

Join our Secure@Source Version 2 webinar to see how Informatica’s data security intelligence solution solves the complex challenges of your rapidly growing attack surface.