Improved Tools for the Data-Driven Salesforce User: Informatica for Salesforce Wave Analytics

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, then you won’t be surprised to discover that Informatica has a “penchant” for data that powers cloud analytics.  You know that our very existence and cultural DNA strive to deliver the very best teaching, tools and techniques to make your analysis workflow more accurate and efficient.  A very large part of that commitment is collaborating with the brightest partners in the analytics industry too.

A fact that was highlighted at Dreamforce 2014 when Salesforce launched its new analytics product Salesforce Wave Analytics (Wave).  Informatica was the only integration company that could provide native data integration between Wave and third party systems, such as SAP or other cloud applications.  And the only partner with an enterprise class, cloud integration solution that was demoed in the Wave Analytics Zone.

The cooperation between the companies continued to strengthen, and a few months later we delivered Informatica Rev for Salesforce Wave. Rev is a cloud-based data preparation tool that makes it superbly easy to blend, clean and upload data sets into Wave. Its spreadsheet-like interface is unique in the data-prep space, but its comforting familiarity means anyone can start wrangling data-sets almost immediately.

Informatica for Salesforce Wave AnalyticsForgive me for tooting Informatica’s horn again, but take a look at the screenshot. We are the only Salesforce partner to have data prep’ technology totally integrated into the Salesforce Wave Analytics user experience. That’s the great thing about cloud. It’s self-service.  If you’re an existing Wave user click the Rev button and give it a try. There’s really no excuse not to. If you’re not a Wave user just yet, don’t worry. Follow this link to a great demo video that gives you a first-hand look at the power of using Rev with Salesforce Wave.

The analytics market doesn’t stand still; nor has Salesforce since the October 2014 Wave launch. Late last year Salesforce released Wave Analytics Apps and is committed to adding wave visualizations to all of their Salesforce Clouds.  Informatica in a similar vein, has continued to improve the data integration experience and capabilities of our offerings to support Salesforce’s evolving product strategy.

And that brings me to today’s exciting news.  This week we’ve officially taken the wraps off a new integrated solution that combines the great features of our cloud data integration and cloud data prep products into one convenient offering; all for a great low price.  In addition, there’s free self-paced training at the Informatica Cloud Academy, and you can try the solution entirely free for 30 days!

And it doesn’t stop there. We’ve organized a dedicated webinar entitled “5 Ways to Make Waves with Salesforce Analytics Cloud”, where Anwesa Chatteree and Ron Lunasin will be demoing the solution in all of its glory.  Along the way they’ll provide useful tips for making the most out of your Wave datasets to ensure that your weekly pipeline trend analysis, quarterly business review and key business performance indicators are accurate, clean and reliable. Be sure to reserve your seat.

My final thought for the day is this. Many folks rush into an analytics project without considering the outcome they are trying to achieve, and Salesforce Wave is really no different in that regard.  Its user interface may be slick and the charts gorgeous to look at, but stop and consider the dataset first.  Garbage in, begets garbage out.  So a few minutes considering what data you need, how you’re going to get it, and whether it needs cleaning before you import it will pay massive dividends in the final outcome.  That’s why we’ve reimagined the new Informatica for Salesforce Wave Analytics solutions.  Try it out today.