The Most Popular Ways to Discover New Products

2015 MarketingSherpa Consumer Purchase Preference Survey just published this chart about the popular ways to discover new products. Are the top three a surprise to you?


Chart about the popular ways to discover new products


59% say in-store browsing:

How often do you say to a store assistant “I am just browsing”? NRF in 2015 was focused on  marking the store more digital and this continued in 2016. Connectivity through IoT and RFID are supposed to make the in store experience more data-fueled. Fueling electronic shelf labels with product information have saved more than 100,000 bugs said one of our major retailers to me in a one-on-one. Others like luxury retailer Engelhorn which generates 20% of revenues online, continues to invite their clients to start their Saturday with a glass of champagne … in the store.

57% say word of mouth: Yes, we are just human beings.

We listen and follow people we trust. How often do you check tripadvisor before you book your holiday or buisness trip? I just visited a winery in the Italian Toscana based on a colleagues face to face recommendation. When will social search replace search engines?

47% say SEO: Have you ever spend a day without a search?

How creating a unique customer experience? In the world of information overload, have you looked into making product information more relevant to your customers through search engine optimization? Learn how to leverage your product data to assist in SEO. This webinar recording is worth watching as it is a very concrete best practice by Rich Dase from Ideosity.

Although all organizations are shifting their budgets radically to Digital and social advertising, these channels are a bit are behind.

Relationships matter the most, no matter if you are bank or retailer

Mark Michaud, Senior Vice President of Strategy, Ariad Communications and Bluespire Marketing, interviewed by Marketing Sherpas said: “The challenge is figuring out what are the relationships between all those channel usages and visits, how do we measure it and how do we attribute our success across the multi-channel journey?”

“We’ve worked with some banks to create some interesting programs where the customer interacts online, and through that process they’re actually creating an asset or an artifact that they then bring to the branch, and that artifact guides the in-branch staff to know how to react,”

How are you making sure your clients find your products? What are your ways to discover new products?