First MDM-Solution Certified for GDSN Major Release 3

On January 25th, 2016, the Informatica GDSN-Accelerator has been officially recertified for Major Release 3 (MJR3/MR3) by 1WorldSync, the leading global product information network and data pool solutions provider. With that recertification, Informatica provides the first MDM-solution that successfully complies with the non-backwards compatible major update of the GS1 Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) which has tremendous impacts for any organization sharing product data via the GDSN.

Informatica’s GDSN Accelerator is used on top of the master data-fueled MDM – Product 360 (PIM) helping retailers and manufacturers provide data to or consume data from 1WorldSync’s Item Management data pool. It easily links customers’ backend systems with the GDSN to deliver consolidated and reliable business-critical data to applications and provides many benefits to customers, including:

1WorldSync Certification

The 1WorldSync-certified integration for both, supply and demand side, streamlines the collaboration between manufacturers, brands, suppliers and retailers, offering secure and efficient exchange of great data. It enables customers to manage their supply chain more effectively and improve sales performance and product information compliance based on high-quality data. Both business customers and consumers benefit from Informatica and 1WorldSync’s partnership. Joint customers, such as large international food manufacturers, food service providers or retailers are enabled to deliver all required product information at all customer touch points.

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GDSN Major Release 3 Ready

Informatica’s solution is ready for GDSN Major Release 3 and upgraded to be MjR3 compliant, supporting new attributes and processes. This provides global customers with enough time to prepare their brands for the coming major GDSN changes taking place on May 6, 2016 (production deployment of Major Release 3).

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Compliance Ready

Using Informatica’s 1WorldSync certified GDSN solution, customers can improve their product data quality and accuracy, provide more detailed product information (e.g., for consumers asking for allergen and nutrition facts), and help ensure regulatory compliance. It will assist customers to more easily comply with industry standards and public regulations, including