Do Your 2016 Marketing Resolutions Include Achieving High Quality Data?

2016 Marketing Resolutions
2016 Marketing Resolutions
Great data. How many of us can claim that we have great data in our work and personal lives? I’m sure every one of us can say we have access to tons of data, but if you need to find your income taxes from five years ago could you do that quickly? How about locate the medical receipt to do your FSA reimbursement for 2015? Personal data exists – and it’s everywhere – but it is hard to find and keep organized.

It is no different on the work front. On a daily basis, each of us is awash in data…Salesforce data, Omniture data, social media data, lead data, Google alerts, spreadsheets and beyond. We need this data to make critical business decisions each day. Every marketer on the planet knows how important this data is, yet high quality data continues to be a dream we chase rather than a reality we can count on.

New research shows that 58% of marketers cite personalizing the customer experience as the most important objective of a data-driven marketing strategy, yet 57% say that improving data quality is the most challenging obstacle to data-driven marketing success. Data quality issues have challenged organizations for years, but it has now become a huge issue and responsibility that is impacting every area of marketing. Check out this recent benchmark report based on research conducted by Ascend2: “Data-Driven Marketing Trends: How and why data quality will optimize the effectiveness of your data-driven marketing strategy”.

But hey – it’s the start of a fresh, new year full of promises and possibilities right? I’m a big fan of setting goals and establishing New Year’s resolutions.

  • Personal resolutions
  • Career resolutions
  • Family resolutions…even my kids have resolutions (yes, I’m THAT mom!)

Resolutions are always interesting. It seems that for some resolutions, we diligently work at and strive to complete them to ensure that we succeed. Yet other resolutions, while good-intentioned at the time we created them, seem to fade into the background.

Unfortunately, somewhere at the end of the first month or at the end of the first quarter of the year, some resolutions disappear altogether. Now I could be talking about that resolution to scale back on sugar and sweets, but let’s pretend I’m talking about the promises we marketers make about our data.
How this is the year that we’re finally going to get everything in order and make sure that all of our lead data and customer data is validated, accurate and useful.

For the past decade, organizations keep setting data quality resolutions; however, we are still far away from having great data to fuel our business. In fact,

  • Only 16% of companies (in the survey mentioned above) responded that the quality of their data was “Very Good”.
  • A whopping 84% of organizations characterized their data as “Very Poor, Somewhat Poor or Somewhat Good”.

It’s shocking that we, as marketers, are still struggling with the age-old problem of bad data! Clearly, we haven’t been good about sticking to our data resolutions. While the data obstacles sometime seem insurmountable, there are actually quick and easy ways to integrate the referential data that’s critical for data validation and data enrichment. These capabilities can easily be implemented into any of the marketing systems or applications that you use, including marketing automation, CRM, call center apps and web forms.

Track your 2016 data resolutions closely – because at the end of the day (and ultimately the end of the year), we can’t succeed as marketers without great data.