B2B Data Exchange 10.0 Further Enhances Self-Service for Partner Ecosystem Collaboration

As organizations around the world increasingly try to leverage their partner networks to create competitive advantage, tools and automation become critical enablers.  To further expand beyond large partners that have the systems to work with complex and regimented standards such as EDI, requires the ability to share data in more flexible ways and formats.  In order to create more agile and collaborative inter-company data integration and to embrace smaller trading partners, enabling rich self-service capabilities is critical to efficiency.

Informatica B2B Data Exchange 10.0 takes partner self-service and productivity to the next level by adding capabilities to shorten on-boarding time, easy file exchange, tighter integration with PowerCenter and certification on Microsoft Azure.  These new features extend the rich out-of-the-box partner portal features in B2B Data Exchange and EDI Accelerator that were made available earlier this year.


B2B Data Exchange 10.0 Further Enhances Self-Service for Partner Ecosystem Collaboration


Informatica has added new simple and secure self-service file exchange capabilities into the partner portal to make it easier for smaller partners to upload or download files themselves.  This provides an efficient mechanism to enable smaller partners to participate in partner networks.  Because Informatica B2B Data Exchange can transform basically any file format, including PDFs and Microsoft Office documents as well as the leading industry standards, the combination of file format flexibility and tools for self-service means companies can grow more productive networks of business partners more quickly and with lower support costs.

The simple web-based UI also provide visibility into the status of file exchanges so that both partners can have a clear understanding of the status and success of data exchanges.  This provides a rich and flexible way to integrate partner data into large organization’s systems and further extends the ability for partners to collaborate during on-boarding and the exchange of critical data such as sales, inventories, logistics, healthcare and other transactions.

B2B Data Exchange 10.0 also adds the ability to provide a connectivity guide for partners within the partner portal user interface to aid them in more rapidly setting themselves up to exchange data following the protocols and standards the B2B Data Exchange operator has defined.  This connectivity guide can be customized and evolved over time as new capabilities or supported data types expands.

In order to facilitate tighter integration between data exchanged with partners and how the data flows in and out of internal applications and systems, Informatica B2B Data Exchange 10.0 further integrates with PowerCenter.  PowerCenter workflows can now be selected and imported from any PowerCenter repository directly through the B2B Data Exchange console.  Informatica B2B Data Exchange 10.0 can be used together with PowerCenter 10.0 and Data Integration Hub 10.0 so that the combined benefits of the new features in all three products can be realized.

Informatica B2B Data Exchange 10.0 has also been certified to run hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure.  This means that if you choose to run B2B Data Exchange on Azure instead of an on-premise service, Informatica’s award winning service team still has you covered.  The Azure support adds to the AWS support announced earlier this year.

With the 10.0 release, Informatica B2B Data Exchange takes inter-company data integration self-service and productivity to new heights.  Informatica’s modern architecture, automation, universal file transformation and collaboration-centric self-service tools make it the most modern way for organizations to flexibly exchange data with their partner networks and seamlessly integrate it with internal systems.

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