Sohaib Abbasi’s Tribute to the World-Class Informatica Team – current and former members

Sohaib Abbasi’s Tribute to the World-Class Informatica Team
Sohaib Abbasi’s Tribute to World-Class Informatica Team

Dear friends and colleagues,

In my last note to you about Informatica, I would like to sum up the qualities that I believe distinguish you as members of “Team Informatica”: conviction, fortitude and creativity. These traits shine through in three stories of your extraordinary triumphs over seemingly insurmountable odds.

More than a decade ago, in 2004, an industry expert summarized the conventional wisdom on the future of Informatica with the headline “Dark days ahead…”. Instead, it turned out to be the dawn of a new growth phase. Informatica grew five-fold to become a $1 billion category leader – one of only 2.5% of all software companies to attain that milestone! It was Team Informatica’s defining conviction that overcame skepticism. Remember, it was your conviction that turned naysayers into believers!

During the Great Recession in 2008 and 2009, our peers and industry giants reported shrinking software revenues, down year-over-year by up to 30%! Some lost three years of growth as they attained the same revenues in 2010 as they had three years earlier in 2007. Unlike others, Informatica grew every quarter. It was Team Informatica’s characteristic fortitude that turned adversity into an advantage because “data matters even more in times of uncertainty”! Remember, it was your fortitude that overcame the worst recession of a generation!

Finally, ever since 2004, industry experts have often claimed that ETL is dead and these experts have even pronounced that the best days of the ETL pioneer, Informatica, were long gone. Yet, Informatica introduced new products beyond core ETL – beyond PowerCenter and PowerExchange – that grew by a 10-year compound average growth rate (CAGR) of nearly 50%! It is simply stunning that Informatica introduced new products that grew faster than almost all start-ups over that 10 year period! It was Team Informatica’s innate creativity that earned us the ranking as the #1 leader in data integration, data quality, cloud integration and customer MDM! Remember, it was your creativity that diversified Informatica into a leader in “all things data”!

Remarkably, you helped Informatica attain results that few had attained before or have attained since. We grew annual revenues to a billion dollars and generated cumulative operating profits of a billion dollars. Clearly, world-class accomplishments by a world-class team!

For more than a decade, your conviction, fortitude and creativity have inspired me.  Now, as I join the ranks of the Informatica alumni, I will continue to take great pride in your future triumphs!

Best wishes,



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