What’s New in Informatica MDM 10.1?

The technology world is moving away from a focus on productivity toward a focus on customer engagement. Recently, Informatica held a webinar that clearly conveyed the reasons for the overall shift to the age of engagement. This webinar also showed why Informatica MDM 10.1 is an ideal platform on which to align customer engagement.

The webinar was led by Informatica specialists, Ben Rund, Manouj Tahiliani, Lesley Hanley and Prash Chandramohan and answered an interesting question of how many customers who use Informatica MDM. The graph shows the power of Informatica MDM. For anyone who is looking to understand what this new version offers, this webinar is a perfect place to start.

Informatica MDM v10.1

New generation users expect fast and more agile solutions. Business users want to find their data faster. Data stewards want to work through their tasks smarter. Implementer wants to satisfy all set of use cases with less coding. Answer to all these trends can be traced back to this release. MDM 10.1 provides data steward ready, business user ready, developer ready and enterprise ready solutions by means of intelligent task management, revamped user interface screens, configuration driven and enterprise performance capabilities.

Entity 360

Lesley Hanley started off with comparing the change of expectation in the mindset from the brick phone era to iPhone era with users expecting intuitive, expandable and user focused solutions. Entity 360 in 10.1 is the answer to such not-so-surprise expectations from today’s digital users.

Entity 360, the revamped data view layer in the new version, can display charts, highly customizable views, on-screen/server side validations, images and embedded external controls like maps. It also provides options to integrate DaaS (Data as a Service) offering into MDM. DaaS services such as data quality services (address validation, email validation etc), data enrichment services (such as global geocoding), mobile services (integrated SMS modules) can be integrated seamlessly to Entity 360. For a complete profile data enrichment, MDM can also integrate Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) DaaS layer to enrich detailed company profile, supplier risk profile, diversity profile etc.

Some of the key user interface enhancements of 10.1 include auto-search capabilities as you type, on-screen data validation, revamped task management screen and much more.

Upgrade Path

As there are many customers who are already using MDM, the webinar also clarified the upgrade path for each version.

  • New customers can directly go to 10.1
  • Customers who are on 9.7.1 or 10, it is not mandatory to go to 10.1. Technically, 10.1 can be considered as a 10 Hotfix 3
  • Customers who are on versions prior to 9.7.1, you can go to 10.1. Note that all versions prior to 9.7.1 would reach end of support by end of this month


At the end of the webinar, there were some interesting questions from different customers.

  • If you are on version prior to 9.7.1 without using entity 360 and if you migrate to 10.1, MDM would automatically create a default entity 360 view which would look similar to the older version. You need to customize your own views to take advantages of these recent features.
  • Upgrade from 9.7.1 to 10.1 is very straight forward. For prior versions, you can refer to the published guides on how to plan for the migration.
  • If you want to use Informatica MDM on the cloud, current solution that is on the floor is to host Informatica MDM on Amazon Cloud. On the road map is the Dragon-Fire release which is targeted for multi-tenant and big data capabilities. More details would be released in the next 6 to 8 months.

Overall an interesting session indeed. Thank you hosts for organizing such an excellent webinar.

The recorded version of the Webinar can be found here.


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