Master Data Management. Ultra-Simplified.

Empowering Business Users and Data Stewards to Improve Data Quality, Together.

Business-critical data about your customers, suppliers, products is fundamental to the smooth functioning of today’s organizations. During my interactions with many business and IT leaders responsible for running master data management projects, I hear recurring questions. Regardless of the type of data managed, one of the frequent requests is for tools that allow them to break the organization barriers so business users, data stewards, and line-of-business users can all work together to improve data quality.

Here at Informatica, we are known for working closely with our customers and helping them overcome the obstacles that stand in their way of success. By directly engaging with customers during events such as MDM 360 Summit (formerly MDM Day), numerous Informatica World Tour events, and industry-specific Product Advisory Councils, we listen to their voices and tune our product roadmap to address their pain points.

Empowering Business Users and Data Stewards to Improve Data Quality, Together.

Informatica MDM v10.1 is our major step forward in this direction where we deliver many key features and functionalities that will help organizations become successful in their MDM journey. Designed for the age of engagement, Informatica MDM v10.1 allows organizations to become more efficient in following four ways.

Data Steward Ready  

Data stewards are at the center of MDM system. They are responsible for establishing and enforcing policies to ensure master data is clean, consistent, and accurate.

Data steward, Business User, Developer & Enterprise Ready

Informatica MDM 10.1 helps these users become efficient in their day-to-day interactions with MDM. It enables them to effectively manage master data by providing an Intelligent Task Management functionality. This Inbox-style capability helps teams track and resolve issues associated with master data. At any given point in time, the data stewards will know complete picture of tasks that are assigned to them, tasks that are pending, tasks that are owned by their peers, and tasks that need immediate attention.

Business User Ready

During my decade-long experience working with customers implementing MDM, I’ve always been inspired by the steadfast commitment of business users. Why? MDM success heavily relies on these users—these innovators—who take it upon themselves to act as a bridge between IT and business, bringing much needed order to today’s chaotic data environments.

Informatica MDM v10.1 offers a flexible and powerful user interface (UI), with rich new page layouts and user-specific dashboards for a holistic 360-view of all type of business-critical data and relationships. Business users now have a fully flexible, intuitive, and expandable interface that adapts to their individual needs. The new application UI provides intelligent, high-performance search for locating data quickly and allows users to view and edit the data. This powerful capability provides meaningful ways for business to get involved in MDM implementations, thus helping increase the success of the project.

Developer Ready        

Developers are at the core of an implementation. They can customize and configure Informatica MDM platform, so companies can manage a variety of data domains in a true multidomain environment.

With this release, we provide tools for developers to accelerate speed of development. The configuration-driven approach allows easier and quicker customizations, leading to lower total cost of ownership and even faster implementations. There are additional configuration options for the user interface, search, and validation frameworks that help reduce your implementation time from months to weeks.

Enterprise Ready

As we deliver solutions that tackle big data and other disruptive trends we are seeing in the market today, we are making it even easier for organizations to use MDM for today’s demanding design and performance needs.

Users want their data faster. And they don’t want to wait for it. Informatica MDM v10.1 includes significant architectural changes to the user interface. With enhanced UI rendering, you can perform searches four to six times faster. We’ve boosted the performance of all layers of the product so customers can confidently work with data for business-critical enterprise needs.

All these powerful functionalities — combined with master data-fueled applications such as Supplier 360, Product 360, Customer 360, and more — help organizations derive immediate value from their investment. MDM apps are underpinned by Informatica’s Intelligent Data Platform and MDM architecture, empowering organizations with a unified user experience, inherent data quality, and business process management.

Along with our industry-leading data quality and data integration solutions, we provide data security and data enrichment offerings (powered by Dun & Bradstreet), giving customers a complete package for their success.

To learn more and to see a demo of Informatica MDM v10.1 in action, check out this customer focused webinar we delivered on December 8th, 2015.

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