When It Has To Be there NOW, They Use PowerCenter Real Time

When that Holiday present you bought for your favorite niece absolutely has to be there right now, what do you do? You call this large worldwide delivery company to deliver it for you, and you know that they will get it there on time.8289_fit512iStock_000009612455XSmall

When they absolutely have to deliver the data/information on said package to each other, to customs officials, or you the customer, what do they do? They call Informatica.


Why Informatica? This international delivery company needed a platform for large volume data processing that could handle their big data needs and was architected for real time applications. In particular, their international shipments always needed a Data Warehouse system for clearance and regulatory information (customs records) that they need to keep for 7 years for compliance purposes. This was a part of their operational data integration and modernization project.

How did they accomplish this? They currently use Informatica Real Time software to read from JMS (Java Messaging Service) in both real-time and in batch from a middleware messaging system and are currently processing millions of messages per day, although that number will be growing after they move to new hardware configuration. For their data warehouse, they use a micro-batch approach as their architecture specifies and are currently processing tens of millions transactions a day.

And the results? So far, it’s been going quite well. According to their technical advisor it’s quite robust and reliable and, knock on wood, they’ve never lost a message yet!

So if you’ve been struggling how to figure out how to speed up your current data integration implementation to satisfy your time pressed business users, you’ll be happy to hear that the newest version of v.10 PowerCenter Advanced Edition comes bundled with Real Time capabilities for Java Messaging Service (JMS). To find out more about Real Time capabilities and PowerCenter v.10, take a listen to the deep dive webinar we have scheduled for Tuesday November 24th at 10 AM PST. You can sign up here.