GDSN Major Release 3 (MjR3/MR3) – Lay Back and Relax?

If you have recently visited a GS1 or 1WorldSync event, you will have noticed that retailers, manufacturers and the GDSN community currently all have one important topic and event in mind: Next year, the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) that enables trading partners to globally share trusted product data, is launching Major Release 3 (MjR3/MR3) – the first major update in the last 10 years.

Have you seen the video where babies talk about MjR3?

So, should there be panic or can we lay back and relax?
Well, it depends. No need to panic, but there are some things you should know and take care about to be compliant to the new standards.

What will happen on May 6th, 2016?

May 6, 2016 is the date of production deployment of Major Release 3 where you should have ensured your systems and data are ready for the migration.

What are the most important changes?

The new release will require attribute analysis and data migration for affected products and packaging groups. MjR3/MR3 will reduce the size of the ‘core’ item attributes to those applicable to any trade item, regardless of sector. Other sector-specific attributes can be added to the core at any time, creating additional flexibility in the network to suit the industry. This means companies can share data essential to their sector and business needs. And there will be changes to the layout of the Web interfaces.

GDSN MjR3 Informatica


What are the benefits of the new MjR3 features?

  • Easier implementation thanks to a smaller core data set
  • Increased flexibility and efficiency to support changes in regulatory or industry requirements
  • Easily add new product categories as your business expands
  • Support new business applications like hazardous materials or sustainability
  • Easier adopt GDSN and flex it to suit your industry and improve your product data management.

Increased speed to market as the initial set of information can be identified as preliminary for new products that have not yet been produced, to enable faster item setup, more available information, and better buying decisions by merchants.

What happens if we or one of our trading partners do nothing?
If your company or one of your trading partners doesn’t make the necessary changes, all GDSN messages could fail to be published or received as GDSN is a single version system. This can result in high manual efforts, increased costs, missed opportunities, and issues with customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance.

What’s next?
MjR3/MR3 is an obligatory update for the entire GDSN community, the 32-34 data pools and solution providers. Existing solutions have to be upgraded to reflect the changes and migration paths defined and created.

Informatica provides a GDSN Accelerator in combination with the master-data fueled MDM – Product 360 designed to smoothly exchange GDSN product and item data with your trading partners will be upgraded to be MjR3 compliant, supporting new attributes and processes. The release supporting MJR3 will be available to customers well in advance of the go live date along with comprehensive upgrades and migration path from existing standards to support a smooth implementation or migration to the new standards. Talk to us.