Informatica Big Data Management: Because It Is Time To Fulfill the Promise of Big Data

Fulfill the Promise of Big Data
Fulfill the Promise of Big Data
The promise of big data continues to grow, but the challenges of fulfilling that promise, for the vast majority of customers, have not been overcome. Informatica has set a course to change that with both our technology and $1M Big Data Ready Challenge.

The thing about big data – perhaps the biggest thing – is that big data presents so much promise, yet comes with so much potential for frustration. The fact is, while most enterprises recognize the opportunities inherent to big data – increased customer loyalty, improved fraud detection, lower total cost of care, to name just a few – most big data projects fail. And they fail very often due to issues with data management.

Well, starting today that changes.

Today we are formally launching Informatica Big Data Management, the industry’s first platform purpose-built to overcome the big data management challenges that bring so many big data projects to their knees and leave so much promise unfulfilled.

Informatica Big Data Management is unique in many ways, but its overarching uniqueness is that it is the only integrated solution to bring together Big Data Integration, Big Data Quality and Governance, and Big Data Security for end-to-end big data management. Without these three pillars, in place and integrated, there is no end-to-end big data management and the promise of big data goes unrealized.

Informatica knows quite a lot about all three data management pillars given our market leadership in all aspects of data management. We have been a pioneer and leader in each of them for a long time. But Informatica Big Data Management does not represent a mere repurposing of this knowledge and expertise. Big data is a different animal, and so are the next-generation applications and use cases that big data fuels, like data lakes, NoSQL and beyond.

Rather, Informatica Big Data Management represents a complete reimaging and rethinking of our technology strengths in data integration, governance and security, and how to optimize and leverage them in a big data management context. It has been a very exciting journey, to say the least.

For details on the raft of innovations that resulted, and how they play in an overall big data management solution that is truly greater than the sum of its parts, I encourage you to check out industry analyst assessments from: IDC, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), Ovum, Blue Hill Research, 451 Research about Informatica’s Big Data Management platform.

Additionally Informatica has also announced a $1 Million Software and Services Big Data Ready Challenge to help organizations overcome the challenges of taking their big data projects from pilot to production. Through the contest, Informatica will award a total of at least US$1 million in software and services to help qualifying organizations in North America deliver clear business value from their big data initiatives.

I am excited about our launch and urge you to join us at today’s online launch event for Informatica Big Data Management, and see firsthand why Informatica is the vendor who can now fulfill the promise of big data.