Tableau Conference 2015: It’s All About The Data

Last week I had an incredible opportunity to attend the annual Tableau Conference at MGM Grand Las Vegas with a great team of experts focusing on “all things data” here at Informatica.


Tableau Conference 2015 – It’s All About The Data

The Tableau conference this year saw 10,000+ attendees, nearly double last year’s total, filling the fabulous MGM Grand. In my opinion, it was one of the best-managed events for this size.

Co-founder and CEO Christian Chabot kicked off the event keynote and explained how Tableau and data visualization is helping in Ebola research, heating systems, children’s education and in understanding the migration of manta rays so we can protect them from extinction.

Next Francois Ajenstat of the Product Management and his team demonstrated some of the key capabilities Tableau is delivering in its new release. The nod from the audience and many wows (Felt like an Apple event) meant that these capabilities were a significant step forward for the company, and very importantly, to Tableau users. The feature list include –

  • Mapbox integration that lets you choose a map style or completely customize your map on which you can layer the data
  • Outlier detection
  • Global formatting and cross database filtering
  • Enhanced Mobile experience on iPad and iPhone with support for geolocation and more.
The new app called Vizable, which Tableau announced, showcased and made available on app store immediately.

An important thing that stood out the most in this keynote is the new app called Vizable, which Tableau announced, showcased and made available on app store immediately. Vizable is an iPad app that lets you touch your data to analyze and understand it. The important thing about the app is that it is extremely fast, intuitive in a way that blows your mind, intelligent and adaptable. It is unlike anything I have seen so far on a mobile device (Well, exclude those great gaming apps) that lets you open a file from Dropbox, email or any other place on your tablet and allows you to start visualizing that data right away.

This year’s event featured keynotes from creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson, mathematician Hannah Fry, and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. Every keynote was captivating and kept the audience glued to their seat.

Self-service data access, data cleansing, blending, standardization and quality of data are paramount to Tableau customers

From my interactions, I learned that self-service data access, data cleansing, blending, standardization and quality of data are paramount to Tableau customers. These aspects are critical in ensuring customers can drive rapid time-to-value from Tableau’s offerings. Informatica’s leadership in data integration, data quality, and master data management is essential in helping customers become successful with their data initiatives. Along with providing purpose-built and bundled data management offerings for Tableau, Informatica delivers transformative innovations for the future of all things data.

As companies are adapting to next-generation analytical tools such as Tableau, they are getting efficient at organizing, visualizing and analyzing data. These tools provide data insights and become catalysts that not only offer self-service for business users but also empower key stakeholders with trends, patterns, and outliers. However, the visualization is only as good as the data. The data needs to be clean, consistent and accurate so the visualization you see is actionable. Here is when data quality, data as a service and master data management technologies become vital in ensuring –

  • Data has no gaps, such as missing values
  • Data is consistent with its representation and free of duplication
  • Data shows accurate information about your business critical information about customers, products, suppliers, location,
Team at Tableau Conference 2015: It’s All About The Data

As you strive to become a visual organization, the quest for better decisions always rely on your ability to gain access to quality data. The rise of big data, open data, and data available from external sources has added tremendous challenges to organizations quest for insights. Informatica is your go-to partner, and our data experts are helping organizations gain maximum benefit from their investment.

Join me on November 10 for a webinar where I discuss how Informatica MDM and Informatica Data as a Service (DaaS) helps you deliver quality data for analytics. Joining me is Thomas Brence, Director of Product Marketing for DaaS at Informatica, who will explain how Informatica DaaS allows companies improve, enrich and validate the quality of their business critical data.

I am looking forward to our interactions and answer your questions. Click here to register: Meet the Experts: Power of Combining Master Data with External Data Enrichment