Data Wizard Bringing New Magic to the Data Loading (ETL) Process

This blog comes from Dan Harrison (@DanHca), an unabashed IoT geek, who connected Salesforce to his physical mailbox just for fun. He is a Platform Specialist/Architect for Salesforce and spends time using his deep technical understanding to help businesses learn how to make complex operations simpler using technology to derive value.

Data Wizard Bringing New Magic to the Data Loading (ETL) Process

In my role, I spend a great deal of my time talking with customers about the value of all the underlying components of the Salesforce Platform – basically, the things you don’t see – and how that makes the things that you do see, like Salesforce Service, Sales and Marketing Clouds, work better, smarter and more securely.  A critical component of this is moving data in and out of Salesforce, which the Informatica Data Wizard makes simple and fast so that business users always have access to the most recent information.

At Salesforce, my primary focus is on healthcare and life sciences, and a great deal of my time is spent talking to organizations about their integration needs. This is an area where the Data Wizard can be a game changer because it simplifies the process and makes this important capability even more accessible to the business user.

Typically, loading complex data requires the business teams to explain the requirements to IT, who then consider the data export, transformation and mapping to Salesforce. But with the Data Wizard, the business user can run their reports in the legacy system, take the exported CSV or flat file, and import it directly into Salesforce on their own without any prep work or manipulation. In doing so, the Data Wizard reduces complexity and allows any knowledgeable and responsible business user to import data.

With a native interface in Salesforce, the Data Wizard offers business users a seamless and easy to use experience when transferring data. The Data Wizards’ step-by-step guides make the process for  transformation and chunking of millions of rows of data quick and transparent. Built-in integration templates also help alleviate complexity and coding required for many popular business applications by allowing users to easily align data formats and fields without any extra work. This makes sharing important information simple and scalable across teams. In addition, automatic data matching gives business users the ability to easily convert characters and use functional expressions, making data from the legacy databases more user-friendly and compatible with Salesforce’s field conventions. The Data Wizard turns what was once a complex and involved process into an automated and seamless experience, all while remaining within the familiar Salesforce environment.

Data Wizard is especially helpful for customers with large systems of record, as they are now able to easily move huge volumes of data, transform it and integrate it, quickly and accurately. Now, valuable data that typically was only available in legacy applications gets a new life in Salesforce. This gives business users a complete view of all relevant data in order to operate more effectively and better serve their customers.

As someone who has spent more than 20 years working with large companies to derive business value from IT, I’ve become increasingly appreciative of any technology that simplifies life for everyday users, while remaining responsive to the needs of a changing business environment. I’m excited to see how technology like Informatica Cloud’s Data Wizard will continue to make work easier for customers, patients, and all individuals in this evolving app centric environment.

The Data Wizard is available for free from the Salesforce AppExchange.