Evolving Your Data Architecture: It Takes More Agility than Tossing Tires in the Air!

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Did you know that Discount Tire holds the Guinness world record for ‘longest running TV commercial’?  You have likely gotten new tires at Discount Tire.  They are the largest independent tire dealer in the US. But perhaps you didn’t know that Discount Tire’s TV commercial, featuring a little old lady throwing tires, had aired for over 29 years? (Details at bottom of post).  It was recognized as “World’s Best Broadcasting Advertisement” by the Hollywood Radio and Television Society.  But what’s Discount Tire’s claim to fame in my mind?  Their IT modernization effort to enable their business goals.  This lady may seem quite agile throwing tires.  But that‘s nothing, compared to the agility of Discount Tire’s data architecture!

Would you like to learn more about how Discount Tire is evolving their data architecture in support of business goals? Please join us for our live webinar on Tuesday November 10: ‘Discount Tire and Agile Data Integration: Evolve Architecture for Business Benefit‘.

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Let’s not do too much in way of a spoiler alert.  So in a nutshell… Discount Tire has been on a journey to modernize their IT architecture to enable business goals.  This company strives for growth and competitive advantage with a focus on customer satisfaction, employee empowerment and optimized supply chain.

To facilitate business transformation, Discount Tire has been evolving its data management systems to rapidly deliver quality data for improved decision making and operational excellence. The Discount Tire modernization journey includes many steps along the way. Data Warehousing and Analytics, legacy application migration to SAP, new applications deployment on SAP HANA as well as a recent effort around Data Warehouse modernization.

Register today to learn about Discount Tire’s recommended Best Practices for:

  • Analytics efforts that deliver better quality data for decision making.
  • Operational confidence through automated testing and monitoring of Data Integration.
  • Managing data as part of an SAP migration.
  • Data Warehouse modernization for deeper and faster analytic capabilities.

Join us to hear the Discount Tire Data Architect discuss how Agile Data Integration is driving business agility, by providing timely quality data and improved SLAs for decision makers.

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BTW, if you are curious about this Discount Tire much-beloved TV commercial, you can check it out here


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